DWP! Year In Review - May to August

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  • Teatro - This is my favorite post that I ever wrote that didn't get any comments.
  • I moved...posts about moving here, here and here.

  • Mantastic Coffee - "if you were to open an espresso stand and staff it with a bunch of hot, charming, gay men wearing nothing but a Speedo or some hot pants, OH MY GOD, the old ladies would sign over their social security checks on a daily basis."
  • They Just Needed To Sleep It Off - My favorite criminals of the year.
  • You Know You Live In Edmonds When... - "But I never did understand why the Norfolk Daily News headline the next morning read 'Bourbon Brandon's Police Car Joyride Ends At Town Square'."

Tomorrow, the rest of the year.


Greg said...

Hey, Brandon--it's Greg. I've been in deep lurker mode the last year, but 2009 felt like it would be a good year to get back into commenting on blogs again. Whew... this is a big moment for me.

I must have not been paying enough attention in June. How in the hell did I miss that nosehair post?!

(Happy new year...)