Top Chef Recap ***SPOILER ALERT***

Posted by Brandon |

So the big news today in the Down With Pants! household is that we have cable and not a day too soon. I got to watch the Gonzaga Bulldogs lay the hammer down on Washington State in basketball tonight and then we sat down to enjoy Top Chef, in real time for once. We bought the season series from iTunes before we decided to get cable so we were watching it a day later and I had to avoid all the blogs the next day that talked about it. Now I wish I could get a refund for that iTunes purchase, oh well.

Anyway, to this point I can't say that I have a favorite. Death? is kind of pulling for Eugene, mainly because he's Hawaiian. Fabio is growing on me despite the fact that I didn't want to like him because I kind of know him from the interwebs already. About a year ago, he joined Yelp and rubbed a lot of the Ventura County Yelpers, including myself, the wrong way with some of his reviews and weird promoting of his restaurant and whatnot. Whatever, I think it was all a misunderstanding anyway and gradually he's winning me over.

And I can't really say I dislike anybody either. Stefan seems like a dick and Carla is strange. That whole "Hootie, Hoo" thing tonight was too much. You know those couples that people can't stand to be around because they share their personal language and inside jokes too freely with you or they don't know they are doing it? Yeah, that's Carla with her "Hootie, Hoo." But even those two I don't dislike necessarily. Stefan fulfills the arrogant almost villain role nicely and Carla seems to be genuinely nice and pleasant.

This week's show was probably one of the most predictable episodes of Top Chef that I've seen, until the very end. Eugene had barely been mentioned in any of the other episodes - last week he was on screen for maybe 20 seconds - so you knew right away when he was getting a lot of airtime, he was bound to either win big or be on the bottom. And then Daniel, Carla and him started making their food and it was pretty obvious which team would lose.

But what I didn't see coming was Daniel getting kicked off because he opened his big fat New York mouth and said too much. By all rights, Eugene should've been the one gone because it was his idea and he messed up the most, but Daniel stood up for the dish when nobody in their right mind would, and at that point, they had to show him the door. If he would've said, "I didn't think it was good" or nothing at all, he'd still be there.

I take it back, I did see that coming. All the New Yawka guys on the show eventually get the boot because they said something stupid. It's basically become a Top Chef tradition.


Sizzle said...

Carla reminds me of an awkward muppet. She's just so ODD. I love how Stefan has a crush on Jamie. Hello! Lesbian! And how Hosea and Little Miss Long Hair flirt ridiculously yet have partners back home (sure they LOVE that).

I thought Daniel should have gone home because even though it was Eugene's conception and Carla just kept her trap shut, Daniel's elements were lame- that sorbet thing and the mushrooms? Ugh.

Brandon said...

Sizzle - They have so much down time at the house, it's not surprising that there are weird little crushes and on the sly hookups that we don't see. Stefan is kind of creepy though. And Carla does look like a Muppet huh?

I agree with Daniel going home, but in the past in a challenge like this, the leader of the group usually goes especially when so many mistakes were made. But Daniel killed himself by not only making lame items, but by opening his stupid mouth. Also, what a follower huh? He looked like a lovestruck puppy the whole episode.

Becky said...

You can pretty much tell who's going to be kicked off by how much air time they're getting (or at least in the bottom two to try to throw you off). Ted and i had the same conclusion -- that had Daniel at least admitted remorse and regret, then they would've kept him since he didn't screw up nearly as bad (though Carla should've reemed his ass for throwing mushrooms into her dish).

Jamie's getting a bit cocky for herself -- if she's tired of always being the bridesmaid, then she obviously needs to step up her game instead of complaining about coming in second.