I Miss Ponch

Posted by Brandon |

You know one thing I miss about California? Sure, the weather, but also this...

Fucking Ponch selling hellholes! (click here, here, here and here for old Estrada posts)

So the question is, when the cable gets turned on at my house, will Erik Estrada come with it? Do they show these infomercials in Washington? Do they even show them in California anymore?

I certainly hope so, because I can't get enough of this guy's taught neck waddle.


hello haha narf said...

i would still do him.
love ponch.

B.E. Earl said...

They used to show them in NY, but I haven't seen one in quite a while. But I zap through most of the commercials with the DVR.

Remember that one Chips episode where Danny Bonaduce played a hot-head teenager who was a martial arts thug? I think he fought against Ponch with nunchucks or something. Good times.

Sizzle said...

Man, I must have moved before those commercials because I don't remember them. And I would because, hello, it's PONCH!

Brandon said...

HHN - Ew!

Earl - Aw, future training for a life as a celebrity boxer.

Sizzle - They are pretty memorable. I love the ones trying to sell property in Ocean Shores and Anderson Island, Washington. Stay away Estrada, stay away!

marty mankins said...

Of course Jon is no where to be found.

Why does Ponch have the same facial expression in each photo? Is that his porn face?

Anonymous said...

They still show them here! I saw one the other morning when I was up at the unholy hour of 4am!

Every time I see a motorcycle cop, I start humming the CHiPs theme song lately. I annoy myself.

MC said...

I've seen them in the Michigan area, so I think you still have a shot at seeing them where you live.

garyoke said...

I met the guy in Ocean Shores; he sold properties for National Recreational Properties, Inc -- nonstop infomercials all over the nation for Shores.