Adios Ventura - Road Trip!

Posted by Brandon |

It was a nice run, but today we bid farewell to our humble city by the sea in search of something even better, though it will be hard to top the last three years in Ventura. Some tears were shed, it was had to say goodbye to people and places that we loved, but we love the Northwest and are ready to get home where we belong. If anywhere can top the last three years, it will be Seattle.

So here we are, day one of our trip. First stop, Visalia. It's a weird destination and a pretty short drive for day one, but we wanted to have a nice, short drive into Yosemite in the morning and it so happened that the Visalia Oaks baseball team was in town and you know there is nothing I like more than a little ballgame.

Here are a couple of quick pics from today...

We choose our hotels very carefully...do they have a pool? Luckily, the Lamp Liter Inn is very nice and has a big, nice pool. So, Addie took her first swim. She loved it.

How can you not love a little shack in downtown Visalia only serves chili dogs? Awesome stuff, Taylor's Hot Dogs Drive In, awesome stuff.

Visalia's Recreation Park, home of the Visalia Oaks, is a surprsing little gem of a ballpark. No frills and very old school but it's a comfortable and charming little place and I'm really glad we got to stop by and take in a game.

So that's all for tonight. Heading up to Yosemite in the morning. I have no idea whether or not there will be any wifi available in the park - I highly doubt it, so I don't know when I'll update again. Probably not until we get to Redding on the 3rd, maybe even Salem on the 4th. But I'll probably keep my Twitter posted, so you can catch me on there.


Avitable said...

Have a safe move!

martymankins said...

Starting off the trip with a swim, chili dog and baseball. Nice.

Stay safe on the road.

garyoke said...

Congrats Brandon/Angie on your move back to the Pacific Northwest!

Kevin Gary
p.s. Congrats on having the baby, too.

toriblaine said...

*tap *tap *tap ... patiently waiting for some sort of non-twitted update!! *tap *tap *tap