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I only had a couple of pages left in the book that I was reading late last night, so despite being awfully tired, I decided to head into the office and our big overstuffed chair to wrap it up.

On the very last page of the book, I nodded off. I dreamt of two things: First, the last page taunting me, belittling me, begging me to read it and I, petrified, couldn't do it. Then, I dreamt of unbelievable pain, a pain that just wouldn't stop no matter how hard I tried. Again I was petrified, completely unable to do anything about anything in my dream.

I awoke hours later - 3:00 AM to be exact - balled up in the chair, the last page of the book inches from my face, and my teeth clamped down almost as hard as they could on my tongue.


Hilly said...

I hate those kinds of dreams. I'm always unable to walk and am frustrated as hell because of it.