My New Favorite Radio Show

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I hate to admit that The Stranger turned me on to something, but after reading their article about the radio show Too Beautiful To Live on Seattle radio station KIRO 97.3FM, I was intrigued. Since then, I've listened to every show and dug into the archives a little bit and I can definitively say that it's my new favorite piece of radio to listen to. Yes, you can count me as one of the tens.

How can I not love a radio show that constantly quotes The Big Lebowski? If I were more talented and could do a radio show five days a week for three hours a night, this is the show that I'd do and I think it's the show that a lot of you would do as well. It's a bunch of pop culture and a bunch of bullshitting. It's perfect for all of us thirty-something blogger nerds.

The clincher for me came last night when host Luke Burbank (an occasional guest on my other favorite radio show, Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me) proclaimed his hatred of the movie Crash. Oh god, don't even get me started on that steaming pile of shit that somehow won Best Picture in 2006, I couldn't hate that movie any more than I already do. So to hear somebody finally say it out loud on the radio, it was actually kind of thrilling. I still hear people fawn all over that pathetic waste of celluloid and I lose almost all respect for them.

Anyway, if you want to check it out, and I suggest that you do, head on over to their website and listen to a handful of episodes. I think you'll like it.


Sizzle said...

I can attest that Luke Burbank is very handsome in person. Not that this post is about that but I have been in the same room as him. ;-)

colleen said...

I loved the Big Lebowski and thought Crash was overrated. My current post is on a spoken word open mic at a cafe in which the barristas were trained by a Seattle-ite. Not a satellite. Net check said to come.

Anonymous said...

The truth about TBTL:


Justin said...

Downloading right now OTA to my iPhone! Always looking for new, great podcasts to subscribe to!