It's been an unbelievable year here at the worldwide Down With Pants! headquarters. I don't know how to wrap it up other than to take a look back...


  • My Last Non-Daddy DWP! Blog Post - "I'm really, really excited. I just cleaned the entire house not only because the parents are coming, but because I don't want our baby to come home to squalor. Since this is a little sudden and early, I had nothing ready. Yes, I began nesting at around noon today. The daddy hormones are off the charts."


  • Brooks. Best Meal Ever? - "Best restaurant between Los Angeles and San Francisco? Maybe. Best restaurant between Tijuana and Vancouver? But seriously, I don't want to over hype it."


  • FU & THNX CS&TL RIF - I got RIF'd and it turned out that they did me a favor. Thanks again Coffee Bean!
  • I Heart Daddy - So I poop all over him!
  • The Easter Ham Story - "Jesus, as you can imagine, was not pleased. In his deepest, darkest, foulest voice, he bellowed, "silly Jews, I am back. And guess what? We're eating pork, bitches!" And Jesus started flying through the air shooting whole hams from his hands like lightning bolts at all of the Jews."


  • My Thighs! My Thighs! - Who knew that a post about Pauly Bleeker and thigh friction would become one of my most Googled posts?
  • Dear Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA - Easily the highlight of my blogging year. Check out the last comment on this post. I have it on good authority that it's legit.

Tomorrow, May through August


alphadaddy said...

Wow..that really was Stephen Colbert.

Nice. Now I don't feel so guilty for being a slacker blog reader...I wish Everybody did a year-end recap.

Brandon said...

alphadaddy - Based on some general info provided by sitememter, a source confirmed that it was indeed Stephen Colbert. How fucking cool!

I like to do my year-end recap to remind myself of some of my posts but I guess it's good for people that I only met halfway through the year too.

Becky said...

That's the first time I've seen a full pic of you. The pic with your daughter is so cute. It almost makes me want children. Almost :)

GingerSnaps said...

OMG, the Great Stephen Colbert graced your blog comments?

*falls on ground in worship*
I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! :)