WTF Is That?

Posted by Brandon |

Anybody care to guess what the hell this picture that I found on my cell phone is? I know, but then again I took the picture, do you?

While I'm posting cell phone pictures...

Mmm...Korean food - a big stone bowl full of rice and beef and egg and veggies and hot sauce. Now that's a good Mother's Day dinner. And if you ask me, I've bumped up from novice chopsticks handler to expert after this meal.


Anonymous said...

Uh the first one....bread being made?

And the second one...OMG how cute! Every picture I see with you and her just gets cuter and cuter!

Peeved Michelle said...

Amish Friendship Bread?

Dan said...

it probably is bread, but it also looks a little like a heart

Brandon said...

Bread is pretty close. It is dough...nasty, foul looking dough.