100 Things About Me - #1 to #20

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This week I'm going to continue the 100 things about me that I started way back in 2005. I got 20 things into it and never kept going, that's par for the course for this blog.

Since it's been so damn long, here are the first 20 things about me with updates to reflect all that has happened in the last three years.

1. I love sports. Sometimes that means I can sound a little bit like a meathead.

2. I hate meatheads.

3. I can be hypocritical at times.

4. I believe in and love capitalism.

5. I believe in and love socialism (please see #3).

6. I have had a grand total of 3 girlfriends in my lifetime. The first was named Holly in middle school. That lasted about a month. The second was named Shannon my junior year of high school. That lasted about three months. The third is Death? and we have been together for almost 10 years. I plan on never having a fourth girlfriend. (update: we are now married and I haven't had any other girlfriends.)

7. Some people (mainly guys) may think that having had only two other girlfriends before getting married is weird or even sad. Not me. I believe that everybody has someone that is their perfect match and that I happened to get lucky and find mine nice and early saving me from all the girlfriend horror stories I have heard from friends.

8. I love (update: loved) the Gilmore Girls (I think this proves that I'm not really a meathead).

9. I hate onions passionately.

10. Ok, my passionate hatred of onions has subsided a bit. I've recently realized that some onions are pretty good. But for the most part I still hate them. Especially red ones and especially raw.

11. I went to college for six years at two different schools and somehow managed to not earn a degree. I think that was harder work than actually graduating.

12. I have moved to two different cities without ever seeing either of them first hand. I moved to Bowling Green, Ohio for college and Harlingen, Texas for a job. I will be moving to Ventura, California and I may not get to see that city before heading down there. However, I think Ventura will turn out much better than BG or Harlingen. (update: I did see Ventura before moving here and it has been so much better than BG or Harlingen. And I forgot about Richmond, Indiana. I hadn't seen that shithole either.)

13. When I get drunk I start confessing to people about things. Usually what I confess is totally harmless on it's own but I sound so guilty about what I'm saying that it turns into a much bigger deal than it should have been.

14. I'm awful about keeping in touch with people, even really close friends.

15. I don't particularly care to talk on the phone. I prefer email or in person. This contributes to me not keeping in touch with friends. A lot of my friends are not in Seattle and almost all of them don't use email or the internet often.

16. I don't consider myself racist or classist or anything like that. However, I hate trash of all kinds. White, black, yellow, purple. Rich or poor. Trashy people come in all races, shapes and sizes, and I don't particularly like any of them.

17. I played rugby at Bowling Green for a couple of months. It was really, really hard so I used a bunch of excuses to stop playing. They were pretty good excuses that were true, but if I would have worked harder I could have continued playing.

18. My favorite color as a child: Yellow

19. My favorite color as an adult: Navy Blue - proof positive that I am getting old.

20. I gained a few unwanted nicknames in college: The Gadfly (I had an opinion on everything, usually different than the guys I lived with), Boss Hog (they said I always managed to have the largest girl in the club hit on me), The Big Suck (I never did understand this one, I don't think it was complimentary) and one I gave myself, Big Pimp El (my rap name, read it fast if you can't figure it out).


Anonymous said...

I can be hypocritical almost all of the time..but I guess noticing it IS the first step, right?


Peeved Michelle said...

I do the same thing when I am drunk - I confess past misdeeds and blurt out all my secrets.

Brandon said...

Hilly - That the thing, I know I can be hypocritical and I can reconcile that. It's the idiots that don't know or don't think they are hypocritical that piss me off.

Michelle - Luckily I have virtually no skeletons in the closet. My confessions are really stupid, or are so stupid that they get me in more trouble than would something more substantial would.

Anonymous said...

re: 11. I went to 2 different colleges for 8 years, and actually managed to graduate. Now I owe the government a ridiculous amount of money and I could have just gotten a job in radio and never worried about college.

Oh well...

Ginormous Boobs said...

Wow...you live in Ventura now and you went to school in Ohio...are you following me around?