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The week before Death? went into the hospital to have Addie, we got the movie Galaxy Quest in the mail from Netflix. In the excitement and the shuffle, it went missing. We searched high and low all over the house but we couldn't find it anywhere. A couple months ago, we gave up. We figured we'd either find it when we moved out in July or we accidentally threw it away and it was gone forever.

But today I found it, right in the place that I originally figured it must be. That figures, right? I don't know how we ever missed it, it was right there, hardly hidden at all. Somebody must be fucking with us. Stupid movie stealing goblins.

Anyway, Galaxy Quest was well worth the wait. It was a movie that looked so stupid when it came out and I totally dismissed it as another silly Tim Allen vehicle, but it turned out to be great. That's about as fun a movie as I've seen in a long time.

And what a killer cast. I'm not usually a big fan of Tim Allen, but he was really good and Sigourney Weaver was good as well. But the rest of the cast is what makes it so great. Alan Rickman? Sam Rockwell? Tony Shalhoub? Enrico Colantoni? Justin Long? A line or two from Rainn Wilson and even Corbin Bleu of High School Musical fame plays young Tommy.

I highly recommend Galaxy Quest for those of you that haven't seen it, but I have this feeling that I'm one of the few since I'm pretty sure it was bloggers that convinced me that it wasn't a stupid movie. But if you dismissed it like I did, you should definitely add it to your Netflix queue especially now that they finally have it back and in their rotation.

The nerve of some people keeping their movies for months and months and months!


kapgar said...

Wait! Rainn Wilson was in that? Now I've gotta watch it again. I own it, but it's been quite a while since I've watched it. I do so love that movie and I was the same way as you were when it first came out. It looked like it had an intriguing concept (spoofing fanboys), but with Tim Allen in the lead I was scared. I'm glad I watched it, though.

Dave2 said...

One of the best movies ever.

And, for my friend Tim, his favorite film of all time. He's seen it over 100 times (no joke) and can recite long passages from memory.

Anonymous said...

I never saw it til I married a geek. And since then, I've seen it about 8 times...I love that flick.

Brandon said...

Kapgar - Yep, Rainn Wilson, only for a moment or two.

Dave - I could see it becoming someones favorite movies. Maybe after a few viewings, it could become one of mine. There are all sorts of under the radar dialog that helps keep you interested showing after showing.

Hilly - There is something to be said about us geeks, I guess.