Our New Edmonds Home?

Posted by Brandon |

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of our shoulders tonight.

In less than six weeks, we'll be leaving our Southern California home for the last three years and hightailing it back up to the Seattle area - Edmonds to be exact. We have been stressing big time about finding a place to live up there because we didn't know how we'd do it. Neither of us can make a trip up to there between now and when we move so we are relying on the internet and our parents. We have a lot of wants and needs for the place and we want to keep the price low so we can save to buy in the very near future, so our options are a little limited. The internets were sparse, the places in our price range didn't have some of our needs and places with our needs didn't have the right price.

But we found one listing on Craigslist that sounded perfect, so my mom-in-law went to check it out today and sure enough, it is almost perfect. It has all of our needs, most of our wants, has a good price and best of all, it's only a block to the great Edmonds City Park, a block from a really cool supermarket, a block from some restaurants and bars, it's less than half a mile from the really cute downtown core of Edmonds and all of the restaurants, shops, movie theater, bars that it offers, it's less than 3/4 of a mile to the Amtrak station so my non-freeway driving mom would have a really easy time getting here and we could walk down to the station, hop the train to the King Street Station in Seattle and walk to Safeco Field and the Mariners game. How awesome would that be?

I've always wanted to live in the urban core of a city, even if it's some small suburban town like Edmonds. I want to be able to walk everywhere, I want to be a regular at the coffee shop, I want to have a neighborhood pub, I want to walk to dinner, I want to be able to pop into the store if we forgot an ingredient (like tonight, I didn't know we needed bacon for what we were making), I want to maybe work in downtown Edmonds and walk to work everyday. It's just a little thing that I want, even if it's just for one year while we save for our own place and it looks like we may have found that on the very first place that we had anybody take a look at in person. Stress begone.

There's one other listing that looks great as well and we're going to have her check it out this weekend as a backup just in case somehow this doesn't work out, but boy do we ever hope we can get this place. We should, we're ideal candidates and we had one of our biggest boosters - our PR lady if you will, maybe even our Apostle Peter - talking us up to the landlord. Besides, who wouldn't want to rent to a doctor, her stay at home husband and a super cute little baby girl?


Avitable said...


Sizzle said...

Yay! Washington is excited to have you!

Brandon said...

Avitable - Thanks, although nothing is quite final yet.

Sizzle - Thanks! Looking forward to getting home.

angelfish24 said...

Found your blog via Karl's....just had to comment as I live south of Seattle....near Tacoma. I have a friend that lives in Edmonds and love that city!!! Maybe some day I'll get up there to live but a little pricey for us.

Brandon said...

Angelfish - Cool, I'm from Olympia and know the Tacoma area well. I'm a Washingtonian at heart who just happens to live in SoCal for now.

Grant said...

Brandon, when I left Washington to go to school in Arizona, I knew that I'd spend the rest of my life trying to get back to Seattle. Big ups on making it happen, man.

Can't say that I'm not just a little big jealous. Happy for you man. Edmonds is good stuff.

radioactive girl said...

Congratulations! I love when things work out well!

martymankins said...

It's been so long since I've been to Seattle. I've only been there twice, but loved it both times. Don't know if I could handle the amount of rain they have there, but I know it's a good place, none the less.

Keep us posted on the move. Sorry to hear you are leaving the valley, but you got to do, what you gotta do.