Uh Oh, We Might Have a Problem

Posted by Brandon |

Today I took Addie to her first baseball game, an afternoon contest at Jackie Robinson Stadium in Los Angeles between UCLA and Arizona State.

You should know by now that I love baseball. Baseball is a big part of my life and will always be, especially if I can get back into working in the game when I move back to Washington. Even if I don't, when we move to Edmonds, we'll be sandwiched between the Seattle Mariners and the Everett Aquasox so we'll probably be at a ballgame quite often.

Point is, Addie better get used to it. Today she scared me because she definitely did not enjoy her first baseball game. She was fussy and cranky the whole time and never really settled down enough to let me pay attention or let me tell her about the game. In fact, I finally gave up and we left after the sixth inning. I haven't left a sporting event early in, well, almost never. And of course, as soon as we left and got on the road, she fell right to sleep and slept for the next couple hours.

Ok, I know that the baseball wasn't what made her upset today, it was probably a combination of a lot of different things that all add up to she's only three months old. Perhaps it was a little bit early for her first baseball game and since she's still so little, I shouldn't have expected much more out of her.

But still, what if she doesn't like baseball? What the heck am I going to do? it's going to be a tough time in the Down With Pants! household if baseball isn't part of the scene.

Eh, she's going to be a daddy's girl, I can already tell. She's going to like just about anything that I like. I have a feeling we'll be going to ballgames all the time.

About the picture above: Don't we look hard together? And how much do we look alike? And yes, I need a shave.


Dan said...

My four year old daughter doesn't like superhero cartoons, or any program with any kind of conflict or violence.

She cried when she saw the boxing game on the wii because people were hitting each other.

I love and adore her, and am proud she is such a sensitive and peaceful soul. But damn it i want to watch teenage mutant ninja turtles too.

kapgar said...

If she doesn't like it, she doesn't like it. Not much you'll be able to do about it, sadly. But I hope, for your sake, she does.

Anonymous said...

I love that picture....it's like hardcore and sweet all at the same time :)

Replicant said...

Y'all are moving back to Washington? I'll be up there for a week in early September (OU vs UW!) so maybe I'll see you then.