Lebowski Friday - Action Figures!

Posted by Brandon |

These are awesome! I have to have them. Walter comes with Donny's Folger's can and a dog. Not just any dog either, it's a fucking show dog with fucking papers. Don't worry though, he's not gonna take your fucking turn, Dude.

These are available all over the place, including here.


Christie said...

omg- I just found what to get my husband for his birthday- hahaha those are awesome

kapgar said...

You're just now discovering these? I think they came out nearly a year ago. I saw them on the shelves but couldn't justify the $20 each that my comic store was charging despite how damn cool they are.

Brandon said...

Christie - That's a pretty good gift, I would think.

Kapgar - Lay off man! :) Yeah, I guess I missed them. I could've had them all this time. They are a little expensive, I will admit.

Avitable said...

Walter looks awesome!