100 Things About Me - #21 to #30 - Pizza!

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21. I was thinking the other day that I don't blog nearly enough about pizza. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pizza. It's easily my favorite food. To quote Mike Birbiglia, "I love pizza so much, I would marry pizza, but it would just be an elaborate ploy to eat her whole family at the reception." Seriously, I should really be known as the blogger that loves pizza much like Dustin is known for his love of tater tots.

So, since pizza is such a big part of my life, I can easily devote ten of my 100 Things About Me to it. Heck, I might have to go ten more tomorrow.

22. I think that even shitty pizza is superior to most every other food. Case in point - I had Sbarro for lunch today.

23. The first three years of college I worked for the greatest pizza place in both pizza and creative name - The Pizza Place. If I wouldn't have moved to Texas to work in baseball, I would probably be running and more than likely own The Pizza Place right now. The place went tits up while me and my buddy were gone and there was nobody to save it. So sad.

24. My dream is to one day bring The Pizza Place back, and I'm not the only one. Everybody I talk to that worked there wants to bring it back. For now, though, and probably forever, I don't want to invest and risk my own capital into a restaurant. I need an investor, anybody know anybody that loves pizza and has some extra cash lying around?

25. While at Bowling Green, I worked for two more pizza places. The first one was Campus Pollyeyes, I worked for two days and hated it so much that I didn't show up for my third day. All I did for hours upon hours was make these awesome stuffed breadsticks. They're delicious and I still make them at home and if I ever open a pizza place I will steal the idea for my restaurant, but they were miserable to make and I was working until 3:00 AM on school nights. That didn't work for me.

26. My second job at BG was delivering pizza for Myle's Pizza. I liked it, it was fun, but I only lasted about a month. They wouldn't give me a weekend off to visit Death? at her college in Ithaca, New York so I arranged my own replacement. They didn't like that and I never came back. I also delivered pizza for Brewery City in Lacey, Washington.

27. Favorite pizza toppings: The Bon's Favorite - Canadian bacon, pepperoni, pineapple, sausage and cashews. Too bad most pizza places don't offer cashews, they are amazing on pizza.

28. Favorite pizza places other than The Pizza Place: Me-n-Ed's in Camarillo, Boccali's in Ojai, Myle's in Bowling Green, and this Chicago style place in Chicago. Sadly, I don't know the name of it or where it was other than it was a little storefront place in a residential neighborhood in somewhere around Wrigleyville.

29. My pizza restaurant would be a little quirky. One feature would be the Wheel O' Pizza. For $5 you would get a large pizza but you would have to eat whatever pizza the Wheel O' Pizza landed on. Some combos would be amazing, some would be kind of gross. Don't know if anybody would ever do it, but it would be fun to have at the counter nonetheless.

30. As someone that thinks they make good pizza, when I have trouble stretching, tossing or rolling dough at home, it really, really pisses me off. Some of my biggest tantrums, cooking or otherwise, have come because I fucked up the dough.


kapgar said...

Gots ta love the 'zah (as Katie and I call it).

Avitable said...

You're dissing Sbarro?

Sizzle said...

Even "bad" pizza is still pizza!

Brandon said...

Kapgar - Hu Zah! I'd bet there are some great places that you go to since you are around Chicago, right?

Avitable - Kinda, but I still like it. It's still the king of the food court.

Sizzle - Hell yeah!

Ginormous Boobs said...

So going to check out Me N Ed's!!

So I'm going to be in Seattle this weekend...any suggestions on what to see and eat?