Heelys, Beasties and Football - Oh My!

Posted by Brandon |

First of all, I took my Heelys for a spin at the supermarket tonight and let me give you some advice...go get yourself a pair of Heelys for your trips to Safeway. It's awesome! Going up and down empty aisles with a cart at high speed is the only way to get your groceries. And some little kid pointed at me and tugged on his mom's shirt and said "look, look, he has Heelys!". I've never felt so cool.

Secondly, Beastie Boys in Santa Barbara tomorrow!!! Wooooo Hoooooo!!!

Thirdly, yesterday I picked the order for the DWP! Fantasy Football draft. Congratulations or condolences, however you look at it, go out to Hilly and her Snackielicious team for winning the first pick. I promised some proof of the picking so here you go. This is less about football and more about how we spend our time at work in the middle of the summer...

The first step was to put all of the teams into a hat. This took me a good three and a half hours, from when I first got to work until lunch time. I first had to read and then rip a bunch of days off of my Onion calendar to provide me with enough scrap paper. Then I had to remember all of the names of the teams. Why I didn't just go to the league website and write them down instead of wasting all morning trying to remember is beyond me. Oh well, I had nothing else to do.

After lunch, I had my co-worker stick his hand in my nasty hat and pull out the names. I filled the draft slots in from twelve to one. So the first name pulled was Culture Kills Lions and the last was Snackielicious. It's just how I decided to do it before the pulling started.

One interesting side note. That's the same co-worker that got a ticket in the mail on a car that he had donated to charity. Now you can understand how hilarious that ticket is to us.

And there you have it, all of the names picked and the draft order set and one whole working day down the drain (just kidding bosses, if you are reading. And if you are reading, can I have a raise?).

Good luck to all, you'll need it!


Whit said...

I think that says 3rd. I hope Vick is still available. I bet Hilly takes him first, dammit.

Brandon said...

Yeah, it's hard to see there, but the draft order is up on the league homepage, but I'll post it here just for good measure...

1. Snackielicious
2. CineRobots
3. Honea Express
4. Turbo Chic
5. DutchBitch Drama
6. Down With Pants
7. Warped
8. Kapgar's Kapitans
9. Sinkintothepacific
10. Roast Ducks
11. johnnyhongkong
12. Culture Kills Lions

Don't queer the draft, Whit, your Vick talk may screw me out of getting him at #6.

Avitable said...

Ooh. I might have to go buy a pair of Heelys now that you survived.

August said...

Thank goodness, I'm number 4 ... I was last yesterday in my "other" league and of course, my first picks were all picked .... At least I'll get to have one of my top 5 in my league. See ya Sunday sucka!

PS... I'm turbo chic but I think I'll have to change my name if yahoo ff lets me to keep it easier!

Finally, you are really making me want a pair of heelys!

Hilly said...

WooHoo....maybe this will help me some this year!

johnnyhongkong said...


I just read this an realized that if you had decided on the first name out of the hat/first draft slot instead of the reverse order, Culture Kills and I would have had picks one and two.

I kind of wished I hadn't read that.

good luck guys and gals...