I'm Feeling Verklempt, Talk Amongst Yourselves

Posted by Brandon |

I'll give you a topic. While watching the great Judd Apatow comedy Undeclared tonight, Death? made a ponderable statement that neither of us really think is true, but might not be that far off...

"Seth Rogen is this generation's Molly Ringwald."



Whit said...

yeah, but can he put on lipstick with his chi-chi's?

MC said...

I would say that he is this generation's Anthony Michael Hall.

Hilly said...

I'll go with both Ringwald and AMH because they both got equal play off of John Hughes...like Rogan does from Apatow.

I loved Undeclared!

Dustin said...

Who the hell is Seth Rogen?


Oooooh. Hmmmm. Ya, I can see that.

DutchBitch said...

Like Dustin said: Who the fuck is Seth Rogen?

Brandon said...

Whit - I think that he might be able to. It wouldn't surprise me.

MC - Mmmm...I don't know. I would say that the other guy from Undeclared, the main character Steven would be AMH

Hilly - Undeclared is so good. It's too bad that it and Freaks and Geeks came before Apatow became a huge star. They were so good and deserved better.

Dustin - Good work on the Googling.

Dutchy - Not so good work on the Googling. See Dustin. On the other hand, I should've posted a link to his IMDB page at least.