Old Man Update

Posted by Brandon |

Dude, I didn't do shit tonight. I sat here and got my fake football team's team shop up and running and that's just about it.

I could've gone and saw The Format, but the possible three hour drive to LA (sixty damn miles) was the clincher in me not going.

I also could've gone to the Dodger's game to boo Barry Bonds, but again, three hour drive and $15 parking did that idea in.

Or I could've gone to the demolition derby at the Ventura County Fair, but I didn't want to go by myself. Death? is on the 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM (or later) shift for the next two weeks so she couldn't go.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love residency? I've seen her for a total of half an hour since Monday and with the largest hospital in the county closing next week to do fix it's mold problem, the patient load for my wife in the ICU of her hospital could double or triple or worse. She's going to be pretty much wiped out even during the time that we're both home at the same time.

You know what the great thing about being old is? Complaining!


Replicant said...

Should have gone to the derby! We've got our annual Ozark Mtn Derby next weekend that a bunch of us are driving over from Tulsa to see. We'll be going to the PGA golf thing during the day and then derby that night. That's a wide range of American culture right there...