DWP! Mascot Challenge Bump

Posted by Brandon |

Dude, I was going to announce a winner of the DWP! Mascot Challenge (I know, it's been a while) but when I checked the voting, I found that we currently have a tie. Chester the Molesting BLT and Kevin Federline are tied with six votes each out of a whopping 18 total votes (a testament to DWP!'s popularity).

So I will bump the finalists back up to the top of the page tonight and keep the voting open for one more week. Will K-Fed or Chester the Molesting BLT pull ahead of the other or will one of the trailing darkhorses make a run at honor of representing Down With Pants! across the worldwide webs?

1. Tu Tu the Goose Goose
2. Aaarrrthur the Pirate
3. Chester the Molesting BLT
4. Kevin Federline
5. Flip the Cranky Mountie
6. Mike

Please vote below. You can vote as many times as you would like...


MC said...

This is an interesting contest indeed.

Mark Rogers said...

I'm throwing all my pomp behind the BLT.

gary said...

The pirate only has 4 votes, including mine? For shame.