Death? Revealed

Posted by Brandon |

As you know, I try to keep Death?'s secret identity under wraps. So far, over three and a half years of writing this blog, I have never used her real name and I have only posted a picture of her once.

Well, if you've been dying to see her again and try to piece together the pieces, Green Goblin, it's your lucky day. Today you get the most revealing picture of her that I probably will ever post here. So without further ado, I give you Death?, future super mommy...

Taken at the super cool Pearl River Mart during out trip to New York City in May.


Whit said...

so I should be honored to have actually met Death?

I mean, more than I was already

kapgar said...

Dude, totally hawt! But I still don't see what she sees in you.


August said...

Wow, I love her hair!

I went back to your link and she looks beautiful from the closeup. Not too many girls could look that fresh faced, that close up.

I also liked reading your post about anonymity. It makes me feel less paranoid.