Mixing it Up for Mom

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Dude, I just got back from my softball game and from the big Down With Pants! mascot competition. We lost the game but I had a blast at the mascot tryouts where we whittled down a field of 52 contestants to six. Tomorrow I'll post a complete recap of the competition and the six finalists and you, the reader, my friends, will help me choose our very first DWP! mascot.

Tonight, though, I'm frantically making some mix CD's for my Mom so Death? can take them with her when she flies home tomorrow (she's leaving for the weekend for her ten year reunion and a wedding and I'm not. I probably won't see her for more than half an hour at a time until next weekend).

I'm so glad to have grown up with such amazing and cool parents. I can't imagine what life would've been like with uptight, conservative, asshole parents who listen to things like Celine Dion or Enya or...gasp...Christian hymnals. And while my Mom's choice in music isn't always compatible with mine (she tends to like more hippie music, she is a child of the '60's after all) at least she doesn't go to see Toby Keith in concert.

When I upgraded my iPod I gave my old mini to her and kept a bunch of songs on it that I thought she might like. She loved the Eels and The New Pornographers songs that I kept on there. So tonight I'm making her copies of The New Pornographers Electric Version and Twin Cinema, Daisies of the Galaxy by the Eels (one of my favorite albums ever) and a mix tape of Eels songs from their other albums.

The funny thing is a lot of my friends don't even have the same taste in music that I do so I never make them mix-tapes.

But my Mom? One of her favorite bands is The Shins. What more do I have to say? That's a cool parent if I do say so myself.


anthony said...

I just "found" the new David Dondero album Simple Love on the internet. You should try to find it, because it is great. You mom would probably like it too.

Avitable said...

Your mom does sound cool. Mine listens to Aaron Neville.