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First of all, Death? has had to work on Friday night each of the last three weeks so I've started going to movies after work instead of fighting traffic, and let me tell you, that is the way to go. When Death? is home, I'll definitely brave the traffic and get home and take her out, but when I have had to fend for myself, going to see The Simpsons Movie, The Bourne Ultimatum and Once on successive Fridays on a matinée discount and a fifteen minute drive home instead of 30-45 has been awesome.

On to Once, the absolutely beautiful musical that I took in after work today. Quick question, if you saw a 300 pound man in a backwards baseball cap and a Try Evil t-shirt sitting by himself in a theater with tears streaming down his face, what would you think?

Well, that's what I was reduced to tonight by this movie. Not out of sadness, this movie is far from sad other than using dreary Dublin as a backdrop, which for me made it even more powerful because Dublin looks strikingly like the Puget Sound area, it very well could've been shot in Seattle.

Instead my tears were out of the shear range of emotions and the honesty expressed in each and every amazing song sung by The Guy (Glen Hansard of The Frames) and The Girl (singer-songwriter Marketa Irglova).

One review I just read describes their opening duet in a music store as "like their first kiss". I couldn't describe it any better, that's kind of how all of their duets are in this very unconventional and simple love story. They lead to a climax that is both exactly what you wanted and exactly not what were hoping for but is so satisfying and makes so much sense that it's completely perfect.

Despite not being anything like them on the surface, Once takes it's place next to some of my favorite movies (Amelie, Millions, Little Miss Sunshine, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) that walk an emotional tightrope of beautiful, exuberant, but bittersweet joy.

Or, as they are better described, movies that made this big man happily cry.


Dave2 said...

Crying? There's no crying in evil! :-)

Whit said...

I want to see that movie. I doubt that I'll cry, being made of stone as I am.

Brandon said...

Admittedly, I cry very easily at movies and a lot of it has to do with a weird reaction to the music rather than really feeling anything for what's going on.

Avitable said...

You should go check out Sunshine if you go to the movies again on a Friday - it's by Danny Boyle, who did Millions.

kapgar said...

I would think, "Holy crap, that's either my soul brother or it's just Brandon!"

August said...

Woah Bran! First of all, what a great review of that movie. Pauly D told me about that flick about a month ago and I was totally bummed to find out, it was not playing anywhere in Ohio.

Oh, I was just about to write about how insanely jealous I am that you got to see it but I just checked back and found that it is finally playing in Cleveland!!!!! I am so glad you wrote this. I'm so going to see it as soon as I can get a babysitter.

I purchased the soundtrack the day PD told me about it. I love how you describe the first song as A first kiss. Thats such a great way to explain it. It's so amazing. I don't know the last time a song made me feel something like that soundtrack does. I can't wait to see the movie!

August said...

PS... Amelie is also one of my all time favorite movies! Brilliant!

Replicant said...

As you know from my review--I too really liked this little film from Ireland. Great ending!