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Tonight was Friday-night-after-work-movie-night for the fourth straight week and I saw Superbad. Instant classic. If this were any other summer I would say that it is the funniest movie of the year, but Hot Fuzz and Knocked Up barely beat it out. Superbad is like a combination of Freaks and Geeks if the show lasted and the characters aged and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, without some of the hacky directing that H&K suffers from.

What I love about the Apatow creations is that they celebrate that middle group of high schoolers that never were represented before. Normally movies focus on the extremes, the pretty and popular or the biggest losers. But most of us resided under the radar in the middle, neither popular or unpopular. In all of the Apatow movies or TV shows dealing with younger people they get this group exactly right and as a proud member of the middle I appreciate my tales being told.

One thing is for sure, McLovin will forever be a part of the lexicon. Hopefully not so much that we start hating it, like Napoleon Dynamite, but I fear that might be the case. McLovin lunch boxes will be in stores soon.


kapgar said...

Hey! I like Napoleon.

Motor City Monk said...

Saw HotRod with my kids - it was just OK.

Waiting for Knocked Up and SuperBad to come out on DVD.

MC said...

I love the fact that the McLovin kid just went to an audition while in high school, and ended up a superstar.

Replicant said...

I'm chomping at the bit to see it!