Red Light Means Stop Creeping Me Out

Posted by Brandon |

Dude, lately I find that every time I start writing, my first word is "Dude", then I take it out. Maybe I should just leave it in and have that be my schtick. What do you think? Why am I such a tool?

Anyway...Dude, my buddy at work got a $381 ticket in the mail earlier this week for running a red light in Los Angeles on July 3rd. Turns out those cameras at intersections actually do something...

The problem is he donated this car to charity a couple months ago when it broke down and he couldn't afford and didn't want to get it fixed (don't ask, it was quite the fiasco). He no longer owns the car and definitely wasn't driving in LA that day.

He's also a little Asian guy. Needless to say, this isn't a little Asian guy...

Oh my god, is that not the the creepiest looking guy on the face of the earth? Is that a smile, a grimace, or a "Woo hoo I'm running a red light"? And nothing says Lexus more than a sweet wife-beater. Imagine my friend's shock when he opened up his mail to find this guy.

I often think about where my old cars are and how they are doing (kind of like old friends) but now I think I don't really want to know. I don't know if I can handle someone that creepy driving my old Toyota.

Yeah, I think it's a pretty good bet that my buddy isn't going to have to pay the fine.


kapgar said...

I dunno, dude, he looks pretty small and Asian to me. ;-)

Avitable said...

It shouldn't have been in his name if he donated it to charity, right?

And I think that guy's jerking off in the car.

Jesse said...

My Camry was apparently used by a vandal in Shelton...while I was living in Santa Clara.

Rattling The Kettle said...

On the bright side, it should be pretty easy for him to get out of the ticket.

"Your honor, that is clearly not me pleasuring myself in this picture. No, I do not know who that is pleasuring myself."

Hilly said...

Dude, I think he's like "oh crap - I just ran a red and hope there are no cops around!".


Brandon said...

Kapgar - At best he's Mongolian

Avitable - They never changed it out of his name, but I guess the guy registered it a few days after this was taken so it's no longer in his name. And I hadn't thought of the jerking off, but you might be right.

Jesse - Liar. I know you were the one that knocked down the Shelton Logger.

RTK - I told him he should just go to court and contest it rather than send in the proof of him donating it to charity. It would be so much more entertaining.

Hilly - I guess that's probably what it is. That's almost the same look I get when I run a yellow.

MC said...

I am just looking at how much sweat is on that guy. That is just freak-ay.