Check, Check, Check, Check, a-Check It Out

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I had a great weekend for oh so many reasons despite the fact that it took me two hours and forty five minutes to go from Ventura to Long Beach - 85 whole miles - for a baseball game on Saturday. For those of you who live somewhere sane and have never experienced heavier traffic on a weekend than during weekday rush hour, you really should get your butt to Los Angeles, fly into LAX, rent a car and try to take the 405 anywhere. It's an experience that you won't soon forget.

Enough complaining. This weekend was all about music and movies here in the Down With Pants! household. Tonight I'll deal with the music, tomorrow the movies...

This weekend I bought tickets to two of the most highly anticipated concerts of the summer: The Police on Wednesday night at the Staples Center and the Beastie Boys in late August. I haven't been to a concert since seeing Willie Nelson at the Hollywood Bowl last summer so I'm pumped to go to couple shows this summer.

We both felt that The Police was a show that we had to see even though neither of us are gigantic fans. We both like them quite a bit, but not enough to pay top dollar like I expected tickets to cost. Luckily the resale sites have plenty of relatively cheap tickets available, demand must be lighter than I expected and it helps that there are three LA area shows. They aren't great seats, but I didn't need to be close. Just as long as we can hear Sting and Stuart Copeland seething at each other, it should be good.

The Police are great and all, but I'm really looking forward to the Beastie Boys at the Santa Barbara Bowl. I've seen them once before, but it was a bad, bad night. Back in '98 or '99 they came to Seattle with A Tribe Called Quest and we camped out for tickets at the old Lacey Payless months in advance. We were geeked all summer long in anticipation of seeing them; I don't think there has ever been a show that I was more excited for.

Unfortunately, we started drinking early in the day. My buddy and I started out innocent enough with a couple pitchers at a local bar, but then my other friends showed up and we ended up taking way too many shots of 99 Bananas and Rumpleminze out in the parking lot. By the time the show rolled around, I was tanked like I've never been tanked before. I don't remember much about the show, the only clear memories I have are of all the embarrassing shit that I did like losing my lunch in a garbage can on the main concourse, falling down in the pit and not being able to get up, gawking loudly about some dumb girl's tattoo and, well, that's just about all I remember.

It was the most humiliating night of my life, I became everything that I hated and still hate today: a big, dumb, drunk meathead. Although I've had a handful of really drunk nights since then, I did go to college in Bowling Green, Ohio after all, I have always made sure that I don't go that far and that I can control myself enough to not have a repeat of that ill-fated Beastie Boys concert.

So like a high school floozy who found God, I've reclaimed my Beastie Boys virginity and I'll be pretending like I've never seen them before. But like that holy town bicycle, I'll always have those bad memories with me making losing my virginity a second time all the more sweet.

Kind of related topic: My new favorite Spanish phrase is "ella es la bicicleta de la pueblo."


kapgar said...

Would this have anything to do with the number of times "Ella" has been ridden?

Anonymous said...

I met The Beastie Boys in SoHo back in their early glory days. A friend of mine owns(ed) a club in The Village and they played there a few times. It would be interesting to see them now, for sure!

MC said...

You made me think of this:

Peeved Michelle said...

What is the name of that food review site? I can't find your original post. Also, I have been meaning to tell you, I tried the fish tacos at Snapper Jack's and they were not that great. I don't know is this place in Ventura at the harbor has changed a lot since it was called China Taco, but it had the best fish tacos.

Brandon said...

Kapgar - Yes, everybody's had a ride

Hilly - That's cool! They still rock it though

MC - Very funny, thanks!

Michelle - The site is Yelp.com. I'm sorry to hear about your Snapper Jack's taco experience. Did you have the battered fish and battered tortillas? Those are like crack to me. I will say this though, if you go during a busy time, they have this unfortunate idea that they should fry up a bunch of fish ahead of time and have it ready to go. Sometimes it's not particularly crispy or fresh anymore.

Bill said...

Ella es Bicicleta des Borrachos!
I don't think that means anything. The 405 blows, let's destroy it.