A Wonderful Cap to a Crappy Day

Posted by Brandon |

I just called 911 on my downstairs neighbors who were screaming at each other and banging shit around. I don't know if it was doors or each other or what it was, but it was loud. However, it's been 15-20 minutes, the cops aren't here, they have calmed the fuck down, and I think I gave the wrong address. Brilliant. We'll see where this goes.

UPDATE: Well, I think the cops came and talked to them, made sure nothing was wrong. It didn't seem like much happened, just a friendly stop to tell them to pipe down. I hope this gave them a good scare so that they get the point that this screaming at all hours has to stop.

I finally decided to call the cops tonight because I heard a lot of banging and I heard her yell "you're the one who just got out of prison after two years for doing heroin." Fucking great. Time to start locking up a little better. I am so ready to move.


Anonymous said...

Wow... aren't neighbors great? ;-)

Your Neighbor said...

Hey, sorry we were so loud. It's hard getting used to the "outside" again.

Anonymous said...

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Replicant said...

I know moving sucks but why live next to that? I'd be too frightened to call the cops especially after hearing the word "prison" connected to the guy.