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In just one minute, there will be a major PROJECT RUNWAY SPOILER so if you haven't seen the show, just read the first paragraph and then move on. I will not have people mad at me again.

As a quick aside before I get to the PROJECT RUNWAY SPOILER below, I have to mention that today I ate the grossest, nastiest piece of fruit I have ever smelled or tasted. Guavas are fucking disgusting. It's eight hours later and I'm still tasting it. Yuck. Have you ever seen the episode of The Simpsons when they grow Tomacco? The smell and taste of guavas are what I have always thought tomaccoes probably would taste like. Never, ever again guava. You are dead to me.

Ok, here we go...PROJECT RUNWAY SPOILER!!! If you have it on your Tivo and haven't watched it yet, quit reading....now.

Jeffrey!?!?!? Are you fucking kidding me!?!?!? What a joke. I just don't understand what the judges on Project Runway want. One day they want one thing, the next they want the other. It must be confusing for the contestants. Uli did everything they wanted of her. Michael did what they loved throughout the show. Laura excelled at construction, which they always loved. And Jeffrey did what they typically disliked throughout the show. But on this day, they wanted "art" and not wearable clothes. Thus, Jeffrey and his neck tattoo undeservingly won the whole thing.

Between Vincent and Angela sticking around so long, the otherwise gorgeous Heidi Klum's occasional unfortunate choices in wardrobe, it's limp to the finish and now this horrible ending, the show became a drain on my Wednesday nights and I am now forever done with Project Runway.


Jesse said...

That'll teach you to watch T.V.

snackiepoo said...

Ugh, I did not finish watching it but someone else already spoiled it for me....although he warned us, I had to dive in because I am inevitably going to hear it somewhere today. Anyway, designers and fashion are all about the freaky and different and that is probably why they picked him. Sniff....long live Michael!

Brandon said...

Jesse - It's true little brother, it's true. I'm happy to report that I didn't get sucked in by Top Chef though. Maybe later.

Snackie - As much as I like Michael, his collection was a dog. Uli deserved to win, they pumped it up like she was the winner, they couldn't stop raving about her, and then they announced that Douchebag McGee won. Something is fishy.

Replicant said...

I disagree. I thought Jeffrey's was better than Uli's.

I thought it was definately between Jeffrey and Uli after seeing the collections. Michael's was terrible and Laura's was too one-note and glamorous recreations from the past.

I actually liked Jeffrey's more than Uli's. Sure, he's an ass and Uli's clothes looked well tailored and all, but a part of being a fashion designer is to also push the envelope some, and Jeffrey has more of an individual design personality I felt. The judges were raving about Jeffrey as much as they were about Uli.

Plus, as big a jerk as he is, I'm so sick of Uli's "I live in ze sun", "I live in ze Miami" crap.


I know! Jeffery's stuff was ok if you are dressing for your job as a street walker. I was highly disappointed!