My Life Spotting the D-List 2

Posted by Brandon |

Brian Posehn: Disneyland - Perhaps the last place on Earth I would ever expect to see comedian Brian Posehn is the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland. But sure enough and without a doubt, there he was walking away from Critter Country on Friday afternoon. Maybe he was on the Winnie The Pooh ride, which is a dream come true for stoners of all ages. I would have loved to be on the same boat as him in It's a Small World. I'm sure his dry, sarcastic wit would make that ride palatable.


Avitable said...

He seems like the type who would enjoy the Haunted Mansion ride. I have friends who are just like him, and they love that part of Disney.

Brandon said...

You're probably right about that Avitable. I think any of the really trippy Disney rides would be good for him.

By the way, The Haunted Mansion has been rethemed for the holidays with The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's awesome. If you like Nightmare, I would suggest getting your butt to Disneyland to see the Mansion. They did this last year and it was really cool, but they went all out for it this year.

Whit said...

taking the Nightmare Before Christmas tangent and running with it-
it's also being rereleased right now in "Disney Digital 3-D". That could be cool.

Brandon said...

It's like you read my mind Whit, we just saw it this evening and it was awesome. Very well done in 3-D.