DWP! Fantasy Football - Week 7

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Can the juggernaut that is the Down With Pants! fantasy football team be stopped? So far, the answer is no. Seven straight wins to start the season and now a game and a half lead over second place. This week's victim, TheDutchFiles, put up a decent fight but in the end came up short as so many before them have.

The big winner this week was CineRobots, who not only knocked off Witty Team Name 69-62, but a Yahoo scoring change broke the 90-90 tie they had with 2much411foozball last week to give him another win moving him into a tie for fourth place and a possible playoff spot.

The surprise high scorer for the week was the Blogography Hellmonkeys who beat up on The OC Snackiepoos 91-42. Not bad for the lowest scoring team coming into the week.

Here are the week seven results. Leading scorers follow...

Culture Kills Lions (5-1-1) - 42 - Patriots Defense - 15 points
johnnyhongkong (2-4-1 - 42 - Tatum Bell - 11 points

CineRobots - (4-3) - 69 - Ben Roethlisberger - 20 points
Witty Team Name (2-5) - 62 - Carson Palmer - 16 points

Cuckoo For Kapgar (5-2) - 52 - Philip Rivers - 13 points
navelgazing ramblers (2-5) - 50 - David Carr - 16 points

Red Zins (3-4) - 51 - Cardinals Defense - 16 points
2much411foozball (3-2-1) - 32 - Eli Manning - 13 points

Blogography Hellmonkeys (2-5) - 91 - Peyton Manning - 30 points
The OC Snackiepoos (2-5) - 42 - Leon Washington - 18 points

Down With Pants! (7-0) - 89 - Donovan McNabb - 21 points
TheDutchFiles (4-3) - 72 - Alge Crumpler - 23 points

So who's next? 2much411foozball, are you up to the challenge? Both teams will be at full strength for the matchup, it should be an interesting game. Culture Kills Lions will try to get back on track against navelgazing ramblers while CineRobots and Cuckoo For Kapgar try to run their winning streaks to three against the Red Zins and The OC Snackiepoos respectively.

2much411foozball vs. Down With Pants!
Red Zins vs. CineRobots
TheDutchFiles vs. Blogography Hellmonkeys
The OC Snackiepoos vs. Cuckoo For Kapgar
Culture Kills Lions vs. navelgazing ramblers
Witty Team Name vs. johnnyhongkong

Bye week teams: Buffalo, Detroit, Miami and Washington


Anonymous said...

CrapFuckShit! There is something fishy going on, right? Can all other DWP! Fantasy Football League participants please email me so we can get a Battle Plan (read: Take Brandon Down Raid) together? I mean: this just can't be coincidence or skill anymore right? He now won from ME!!!

Please email before next game week starts...

snackiepoo said...

Seriously? First you, then Dave and now Kevin?

Gah, it is hard enough without having you big timers riding my ass each week ;).

Anonymous said...

I suspected I was going to lose last week, then monday came and I saw that if I would have put Harrison in, I would have won... but alas I am content with the tie.

Replicant said...

There is nothing worse than a tie in fantasy football so I'm glad I got the benefit of the dreaded scoring error. I'll take it.

Not sure how DWP can keep winning since 75% of this is L-U-C-K. Unless he rigged the draft, ala Gordon Reese and other corrupt Pac10 refs?

kapgar said...

In all honesty, I forgot to check the final scores from this past week. Thanks for the good news. Although just barely.

Bring it on, Hilly!

Anonymous said...

Red Zins got so lucky. I totally forgot to do my lineup this week.

This week? Different story. You're getting a good hard spankin Brandon. The real question is, ARE YOU READY?

Anonymous said...

Oh crap. that was this week. I forgot to do my lineup the week I was playing you???

(drowning in my tears... THAT SUCKS. Sorry B)