DWP! Fantasy Football - Week Four

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We now interrupt today's Veronica Mars Day celebration for a special presentation of Down With Pants! Sports...

I know I'm going to start hearing it this week. Down 12 points going into Monday Night Football, QB Donovan McNabb put the rest of my losers on his back and rallied my DWP! team to victory over johnnyhongkong to keep our unbeaten season alive. I got lucky this week. McNabb is the man!

In other action, Cuckoo For Kapgar continues to impress posting a league record 104 points behind QB Byron Leftwich while both Culture Kills Lions and 2much411foozball kept pace remaining only a game back of first place. The Red Zins posted their second straight victory after a horrendous start to the season and appear poised to make a run at the championship behind general manager RW's shrewd use of the free agent market.

Here are the week four results. As always, leading scorers for each team follow the score...

Cuckoo For Kapgar (3-1) - 104 - Byron Leftwich - 21 points
Witty Team Name (1-3) - 33 - Lamont Jordan - 12 points

2much411foozball (3-1) - 73 - Falcons Defense - 25 points
TheDutchFiles (2-2) - 67 - Mark Bulger - 26 points

Culture Kills Lions (3-1) - 57 - Drew Bledsoe - 13 points
Blogography Hellmonkeys (1-3) - 28 - Peyton Manning - 16 points

Red Zins (2-2) - 64 - Lawrence Maroney - 18 points
navelgazing ramblers (1-3) - 48 - Reggie Williams - 16 points

CineRobots - (2-2) - 53 - Thomas Jones - 16 points
The OC Snackiepoos (1-3) - 32 - Tom Brady - 14 points

Down With Pants! (4-0) - 58 - Donovan McNabb - 29 points
johnnyhongkong (1-3) - 50 - Jeff Wilkins - 18 points

Week five features a matchup between two second place teams as Cuckoo For Kapgar takes on Culture Kills Lions. CFK will be at full strength while CKL will be without five bye week players. The up and coming Red Zins take on the OC Snackiepoos while CineRobots and TheDutchFiles try to separate themselves from the middle of the pack.

2much411foozball vs. Witty Team Name
vs. CineRobots
The OC Snackiepoos
vs. Red Zins
Cuckoo For Kapgar vs. Culture Kills Lions
Blogography Hellmonkeys vs. johnnyhongkong
Down With Pants! vs. navelgazing ramblers

Please, please, please notice that Atlanta, Cincinnati, Seattle and Houston are on their bye weeks. Not to name names, but a couple of you did not set your lineups this week and it had a major impact on the outcomes and the standings. Please stay active and make sure to get your players in. If you have a problem, please contact me so I can fix it for you.


Dave2 said...

Hey, it's not my fault I couldn't find a tight-end for the weekend!

Uhhh... is there ANY way of saying that which means what I want it to mean?

Besides, I'm pretty much ready to give up. I've got my best players trying to commit suicide or out sick or crying in the end-zone. Not a good season for Dave.

Anonymous said...

Half your flippin' points came from McNabb?? Damn!

Don't worry, Dave, we're all playing football here. We understand and forgive.

Anonymous said...

OK NOW IT'S ON!!! I am not taking another beating!!! SHITFUCKCRAPDAMN'IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that's the fighting spirit!

Anonymous said...

I had to get a new QB because Eli had a bye week. I can't believe my team won. I didn't think I had a chance.

Congrats Kappers!

Replicant said...

53 points ain't a heck of a lot, but it was enough.