Down With Scented Candles!

Posted by Brandon |

I would like to thank Glade for finally taking on the one true enemy of all god fearing Americans: scented candles. Those fucking things have been half assing their duty for years now and yet no one has had the balls to put them in their place until now.

Not releasing scent quickly throughout the room is inexcusable. And where the shit is the lasting fragrance? Plus, blowing them out has become such a time consuming hassle, I can't even fathom how people have been putting up with it for all these years. It's all total bullshit, and I'm sick and tired of it and so is Glade.

We all need and deserve quick and long lasting fragrance. It is our dream, it is our calling, it is...our destiny.

Down With Pants? Fuck that. Down With Scented Candles!


Anonymous said...

Geez! I just sent you a shipment as a Fantasy Football bribe...

Serra said...

SOME scented candles suck. I'm lucky though--I know several places I can get awesome ones. Stop by my blog sometime if you're interested.

NOTE: This isn't spam or an ad--I don't make candles, I just know some great folks.


Scented Candles are great if you are sitting right next to it and if you never blow it out. Once you blow it out your house goes from smelling like a flower field to a match.