Instead, We Watched Weeds

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Five fucking trick-or-treaters. That's all we had this year. Five. One group of two and another group of three. Between the Harvest Festival at the church down the street and the Mall's Halloween celebration, nobody was left to go door-to-door like in the good old days. It's kind of sad really. Somewhat understandable in this neighborhood, but sad nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

So what did you do with all the surplus candy?

Jesse said...

We had four total; one group of two and two soloers. It was fine for us though, because we really didn't have very much candy. The only real candy we had were the fun size peanut m&ms I bought for myself, so there was no way I would give all of those away.

Becky said after the last one that it was her first encounter with a real caucasian person in our apartment complex. We've seen a few but we've never interacted with them and since our complex is 99% indian seeing a white person is a bit of a big deal.

"And there's doctors and lawyers,
And business executives,
And they're all made out of ticky-tacky,
And they all look just the same"

I've never actually seen the show, I just have the mp3 of Jenny Lewis doing the intro.

Peeved Michelle said...

It was slower than I thought it would be at my house since we live right in the middle of family central. We had 120 gummy eyeballs to give out. We only got rid of them all by giving away handfuls to each kid instead of the one each we were planning.

snackiepoo said...

At least you got to watch Weeds, which was awesome.

I am one of those people that doesn't get candy or answer the door for the same reason; shopping malls or planned trick or treat spots seem to be the in thing, thanks to the pedophiles. I hate to spend a night, next to a bowl of candy, eating the ones that the trick-or-treaters would have, if they only came to the door ;)

Replicant said...

maybe yr crazy neighbors scared them away?

i didn't have that many myself so i have a lot of left over candy. last year i ran out so not sure why the low turnout. i'll blame bush.

Greg said...

We had zero. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Ten... as in countable on two hands (so long as you have all your fingers intact). Pathetic!

Anonymous said...


Brandon said...

Dutchy - Nothing, the wife decided to go healty and gave out toys and whatnot. That might explain things.

Jesse - I think you need your own blog to comment on my blog little brother. I got to get the Jenny Lewis version of that song.

Michelle - We did the hanful of stuff a few years ago and we ran out and then word spread that we were giving out that much candy and we got all sorts of trick-or-treaters later that then got basically nothing.

Snackie - We are working out way through the first season. It is so, so good.

Replicant - That's probably a big reason but blaming Bush works for me too.

Greg - I've been there before. We stocked up because the year before we had a ton of people and then nobody showed. It was really depressing.

Kapgar - I think you win. It's a pathetic number, but still more than anybody else.

Anonymous - Hey! It worked! Congrats!

Jesse said...

LOL, I was thinking the same thing; my comments always end up being blog length themselves. I just don't have the time to sink into working on a good css for one. I guess I could do it in lieu of working.

Self Confessed Walkover said...

Over here in the UK there has been a debate over whether Halloween is too scary, too costly and encourages bad behaviour. See http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/6099008.stm to see what I mean. Lots and lots of elderly people in this country are frightened of halloween because we just don't have the tradition of trick or treating like you do in the US. If anything I know of plenty of people who would welcome a decrease in trick or treating over here! Lots of people I've spoken to also feel its just another commercial holiday shipped over from the US. Ah well...

Freudian Slip said...

Surprised to hear about you having so little trick or treaters. We live in a development and had hundreds! Its great :)