The Sports Logo Pundit Site Redesign

Posted by Brandon |

If you didn't know already, I maintain another blog besides Down With Pants! It's a little pet project I like to call The Sports Logo Pundit. It's a place for me to talk nerdy about sports logos and sports in general. Over the years, it has developed a small following of like minded nerds who still seem to come back despite my neglect in posting and overall upkeep. But today that all changed with a massive and much needed redesign.

If you have a moment, even if you don't like sports, please head on over there and check out the changes I made and let me know what you think. It's still a work in progress as I continue to find things I don't like or things that don't work and it would help if I had some other opinions. Thanks in advance and I promise some actual content over the next couple days.

Tune in tomorrow....We saw a celebrity in LA yesterday! I bet you can't guess who!


Whit said...


Did I win?

Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton! You already sent me the sex video you made with her thru email! I KNOW I'm right!