DWP! Fantasy Football - Week Six

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I've finally figured out why my Down With Pants! fantasy football team is kicking ass week after week. It must be Playtex Sport. I don't know how athletes ever performed without it. I mean 360 degree coverage and one- of-a-kind backup? That sounds incredible. I'm not sure what they are doing with them, but the commercials have convince me that they must be the answer.

Yes, my team won again, although it was a little too close for comfort. If McNabb doesn't perform, my team has it's issues. Nothing much changed in the league this week. Culture Kills Lions continued their winning ways while Cuckoo For Kapgar posted the league's high score with 99 points to take over the league scoring lead. 2much411foozball and CineRobots battled to a 90 point tie. Their scores would have been good enough to beat any team in the league except Kapgar, that's some bad luck.

Here are the week five results. Leading scorers follow...

Culture Kills Lions (5-1) - 82 - Drew Bledsoe - 15 points
Witty Team Name (2-4) - 62 - Joe Horn - 17 points

Cuckoo For Kapgar (4-2) - 99 - Philip Rivers - 18 points
johnnyhongkong (2-4) - 43 - Roy Williams - 14 points

2much411foozball (3-2-1) - 90 - Torry Holt - 25 points
CineRobots - (2-3-1) - 90 - LaDanian Tomlinson - 30 points

navelgazing ramblers (2-4) - 42 - Reggie Brown - 18 points
Blogography Hellmonkeys (1-5) - 22 - Jason Elam - 9 points

TheDutchFiles (4-2) - 65 - Mark Bulger - 23 points
Red Zins (2-4) - 37 - Losman/Rackers - 12 points

Down With Pants! (6-0) - 60 - Donovan McNabb - 14 points
The OC Snackiepoos (2-4) - 47 - Laveranues Coles - 17 points

In week seven, TheDutchFiles has their first chance to knock off my undefeated squad. The game of the week pits second place Culture Kills Lions against a revamped johnnyhongkong team that is poised to make a run at a playoff spot despite his 2-4 start to the season.

2much411foozball vs. Red Zins
TheDutchFiles vs. Down With Pants!
The OC Snackiepoos vs. Blogography Hellmonkeys
Cuckoo For Kapgar vs. navelgazing ramblers
Culture Kills Lions vs. johnnyhongkong
CineRobots vs. Witty Team Name

Bye week teams: Chicago, Tennessee, St. Louis, New Orleans, San Francisco and Baltimore.


Anonymous said...

Brace yourself because you KNOW I am surely gonna try and try REAL hard!!! Be prepared... Hilly!!! HELP!!!!

kapgar said...

Suze... bring it on!!!

snackiepoo said...

All I have to say is the same thing I said in the email; you kicked my ass but surprisingly less than I had anticipated so I feel okay ;).

Soooo, first you then Dave this week, Do I get to go toe to toe with Kapgar next week? LOL

Anonymous said...

I am in a tough situation this week, and as a coach, I hate to say this, but I think I am going to get my clock cleaned with the bye week decimating my lines.

RW said...

The Red Zins are what we thought we were. We are what we thought we were. So if you want to crown us, crown our ass; we knew what we thought we were!