Careful, Man There's a Hipster Here

Posted by Brandon |

Tonight, Veronica Mars confirmed something about me that I've wondered about. I'm hip! Yep, I'm a big, fat, flaming hipster.

First of all, I watch Veronica Mars, so that's a start. Plus, Veronica continues to quote my favorite movie, The Big Lebowski. Tonight she yelled "Careful, Man there's a beverage here" at Logan while walking across campus. That's the Lebowski quote that graces my VW (which is one hip car)...

I thought I was just nerdy, especially after giving the thumbs up to some guy who was sporting the same bumper sticker this afternoon. But now that the words came out of Kristen Bell's mouth, I feel uber-hip.

Then, at the end of the episode, Logan makes a call to his half-brother...on his HELIO! Hey! That's my phone! I wonder if he has trouble accessing Gmail too. I knew that I liked Logan for a reason other than his brooding.

By the way, how confusing was it to have Logan from Gilmore Girls on with the Veronica Mars Logan tonight? I hate Gilmore Girls Logan, so I couldn't be happier to see VM Logan punch his lights out.

Shit, nevermind. I just talked about the Gilmore Girls. I am no longer a flaming hipster, I'm just plain flaming, which in itself is pretty hip, just not enough to overcome the Gilmore Girls talk.


Anonymous said...

only just... you only just made it... (overcoming talking about the Gilmore Girls)

Avitable said...

Talking about Gilmore Girls is actually the new hip.

snackiepoo said...

I am so behind on The Gilmore Girls because of other shows, gah.

Veronica is the hippest of hip. I love how she has taken to using the word "frak" all of the time and her subtle nuances...or not so subtle for those of us that are tragically more hip than we thought.