What Happened To Ponch?

Posted by Brandon |

You may remember my hard hitting expose on Erik Estrada and his appearances (here, here and here) in infomercials hawking real estate in shithole backwaters across the country. Well, I am very sad to break the news that Ponch has disappeared apparently devoured by Chuck Woolery and his pretty shirt.

So now, let us mourn the loss of Erik Estrada, the only man who can make Ocean Shores, Washington look like Paradise...

Oh Erik, how I miss you already. You brightened up my day when I saw you on Anderson Island, you made my night when you sold me on California City, and you melted my heart with your scam pitch en Espanol. Chuck Woolery will never be able to take your place, and I sure as hell wouldn't buy property in Angel Fire, New Mexico from him. But Bella Vista, Arkansas? I'm there. Thank you Ponch!


debbiecakes said...

My personal favorite is "California Pine". It was a pretty convincing real estate sales pitch from the old CHIP.

Hey, my word verification is HYCUP.

JAX said...

Dude, you're funny! Can't wait to read your lost blogs. I'm posting mine later too.

Belinda said...

Seriously? I live about 75 minutes from "Bella Vista" (not sure it's a REAL town yet) Arkansas, and the area is gorgeous. You'd do better to just go shop for your own undeveloped lot, but I promise, it's pretty country.

And I am frightened of your GBBMC guy, who could obviously kick my GBBMC person's butt.

Janet said...

Does anyone else remember when Chuck Woolery had a reality show on the Game show Network, or is it just me?:)

melina said...

Oh No!!!!!!!! No no no no no no. NOT Chuck Woolery!

Well, I guess Ponch MOVED to Ocean Shores, WA after all!

Anonymous said...

Living in Horseshoe Bay Texas is like dying and going to heaven.