2006 Sitcom Tournament - Sweet 16

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First of all, if you need any advice whatsoever from a bunch of useless men, then head over to this week's renter Useless Advice From Useless Men. Their site is exactly what I wanted the Down With Pants! segment "Ask The Pantsless Pontificate" to be. Oh well.

Anyway, now onto the 2006 Sitcom Tournament Sweet 16. Displaced two weeks ago over to The Sports Logo Pundit by Ty Cobb's writing, the 2006 Sitcom Tournament returns. Only 16 teams remain, and there are some killer matchups in this round. In parentheses are who the beat in the first round, followed by who they beat in the second round. My votes follow...

Taxi (Good Times, Designing Women) vs. M*A*S*H (Mork & Mindy, Welcome Back, Kotter) - Wow, this is a heavyweight matchup that could have easily been an elite eight game or even a final four game. But despite the star power behind Taxi, the fact that M*A*S*H was so poignant and still so funny makes it the clear winner for me - My vote: M*A*S*H

Frasier (What's Happening, Barney Miller) vs. The Honeymooners (Night Court, One Day at a Time) - Both of these shows have faced iffy competition at best. But one has to move on and I am amazed that The Honeymooners is so iconic despite having been on for less than two years. - My vote: The Honeymooners

The Cosby Show (Petticoat Junction, Sex and the City) vs. WKRP in Cincinnati (Murphy Brown, Happy Days) - WKRP rolls into the Sweet 16 having upset Happy Days, a show I thought would move into the final four. Personally I think The Fonz was robbed. I was a radio guy, and even I don't enjoy WKRP that much. It is just OK. - My vote: The Cosby Show

I Love Lucy (Two and a Half Men, I Dream of Jeannie) vs. Family Ties (Get Smart, The Dick Van Dyke Show) - Come on people! Family Ties? Over Dick Van Dyke? What a joke. This is a travesty. Family Ties does not stand up to the test of time. I loved it when I was young, but now, it is awful. - My vote: I Love Lucy

Mary Tyler Moore (Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Odd Couple) vs. Cheers (Ellen, Gilligan's Island) - As good at Mary Tyler Moore was, Cheers still should roll. It is a superior show in all regards. - My vote: Cheers

Seinfeld (Malcolm in the Middle, Diff'rent Strokes) vs. The Jeffersons (Married, With Children, The Andy Griffith Show) - Tonight I answered the phone "Vandelay Industries, Kal Varnson speaking" - My vote: Seinfeld

The Brady Bunch (Mama's Family, Golden Girls) vs. Friends (Alice, Newhart) - The Brady's continue to stave off the spite vote and have plowed through the old ladies. Now they face the idiotic Friends. I hate the fucking Friends. All of them. I wish Bobby would kick Chandler's ass and Marsha would rip Courtney Cox's face off. That would be great. - My vote: The Brady Bunch

All in the Family (Addam's Family, Three's Company) vs. Sanford & Son (Full House, Laverne & Shirley) - An epic battle of wisecracking, asshole fathers. This is too close to call. Heads it's All in the Family. Tails it's Sanford & Son - My vote: All in the Family


Crunchy Blue Commando said...

Taxi vs. M*A*S*H* – M*A*S*H* but with Henry and Trapper, not Potter and BJ

Honeymooners v. Frazier – This is Heavyweight Boxer vs. Aikdo Master. If I were flipping channels today and both were on, I’d watch…Frazier, probably.

Cosby vs. WKRP – Although not as consistently funny, WKRP was edgier with far more memorable moments (two words: turkey drop). WKRP

I Love Lucy vs. Family Ties – I will not substantiate this “contest” with an opinion. Just do the right thing.

Mary Tyler Moore vs. Cheers – This is a photo finish. If I were flipping channels, Cheers with MTM on picture-in-picture.

Seinfeld vs. Jeffersons – Seinfeld.

The Brady Bunch vs. Friends – Friends beat Newhart? Are you f…ing kidding me? Otherwise, I hate’em both and would rather watch paint dry.

All In The Family vs. Sanford & Son – I’ve got to take Sanford purely for its quotability.

Karl said...

OK, I'm intrigued. How the heck does this sitcom tourney work? Are there lots of people voting or just you? I'm a huge TV fan.

Replicant said...

i'm a voter in this tourny so here were mine if yr interested...

taxi v. m.a.s.h.---taxi

honeymooners v. frazier---honeymooners

cosby v. wkrp---wkrp all the way!

i love lucy v. family ties---lucy

mt moore v. cheers---cheers

seinfeld v. jeffersons---seinfeld, i'm still pissed jeffersons beat andy griffith show

brady bunch v. friends---brady (i'm w/ you about this regarding friends...disgusting show...

all in the family v. sanford--i'll take redd foxx any day of the week.

you need to update this to put the elite 8 matchups as these are done and counted.