Help DWP!

Posted by Brandon |

Today is blog maintenance day here at Down With Pants! I'm doing a bunch of work to improve the blogging experience and I need a little bit of advice from my valued readers, if any of them are around.

The first thing I would like to know is, do you prefer the bolder font that I have been using for quite some time or should I stop bolding everything and go with the font that I am using in this post?

Just scroll down the page to see the difference and leave me a comment and let me know what you like better. Thanks!


Karl said...

I prefer the regular (non-bolded) font for normal every-day reading. The bold font, like italics and underlines, should be used sparingly. Course, that's just one guy's opinion.

kapgar.com said...

I have no idea what the site looked like before so I have no basis for comparison.

Dave2 said...

I read mostly your web feed, so I MUCH prefer the "regular" (non-bold text.

Lily said...

I also prefer the non-bolded. All bold is a little too much.

Kate the Peon said...

I prefer the current, non-bolded font.

Brandon said...

Thanks for the input everybody. I never thought of the people who just read the web feed.

I bolded everything originally because I thought it made it easier to read, and on my old computer monitor it did.

But then we got this new monitor and the bold was blinding me, I couldn't read it anymore. So now we'll go back to the unbold font from here on out.

Thanks again!