DWP! Frappr

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I created a Down With Pants! group on Frappr a few weeks ago and never did anything with it. But I happened to remember it this morning and it made me sad. My poor little blue marker looks so lonely on that big map. It really could use some company. So please, if you have a moment, go join >my Down With Pants! Frappr group. It looks so lonely without you.

Also, if you haven't seen them already, check out The Office's "The More You Know" PSA's. They aren't nearly as funny on the NBC homepage as they are when you accidentally see them in the middle of The West Wing though.

Speaking of The West Wing, I loved the everybody-gets-laid episode last night. It's about time. Now that we got the sex out of the way, all hell will break loose until the last episode and, despite all of the criticism that has been lobbed it's way, I will love every minute of it. I don't care what anyone says, I sure will miss The West Wing, even it's neutered version from the past couple of years.


*lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

hi! dropping by to visit before the Lost Blogging starts on Monday :-)

tried to put my marker on yr map, but couldn't figure out how to get to Malaysia on there :-(

all the best for next week!