Harold and Kumar Fest

Posted by Brandon |

I'm seriously considering starting a website dedicated 100% to Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle in which I would almost completely copy what the guys over at Lebowski Fest have done. I don't know if I could ever actually pull off a H&K Fest, there would be way too many burnouts there, plus we don't have White Castle out on the West Coast. Maybe a Harold and Kumar Fan Caravan To White Castle would work. That would probably be a blast.

I think I could at the very least sell a couple of t-shirts. There isn't much in the way of Harold and Kumar gear available for the hardcore fan. It might be a copyright infringement, but it could be fun for a little while.

If anyone reads this and wants to take up the cause, go right ahead. I'm more than willing to let you steal my idea to get this off the ground. All I ask for is a free t-shirt and a little credit, that's all.


pylorns said...

I bet you could get the writers to comment on yoursite like they did on wetwired when you build the site too.

Anonymous said...

"Just because you're hung like a moose doesn't mean you gotta do porno." That's what I'd like on my tee-shirt