Where in the World is Ponch Poncharella?

Posted by Brandon |

Today while flipping through the channels and realizing the only thing worth watching was the Little League World Series I ran across yet another infomercial featuring Down With Pants! new favorite shill, Erik Estrada. He was demonstrative as ever pumping up Bella Vista, Arkansas, located mere miles from Bentonville, home to Wal-Mart's corporate headquarters. Oh boy, it really must be fabulous!

We've so far seen him promoting Ocean Shores, Washington, Pagosa Lakes, Colorado, California City, California (no pictures of this yet, it is rarely on, mainly because it truly looks like a desolate wasteland) and now Bella Vista, Arkansas. This is such a fun game to play. What craphole will Erik Estrada be selling us next or as I like to call it Where in the World is Ponch Poncharella? I smell a PBS game show in my future!