The Lost Blogs - Day 3

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Day 3 of the GBBMC to promote Pauly's new book, The Lost Blogs. Can you guess who my guest blogger is? Email me with your guesses or just leave them in the comments, I don't care.

Best 2-for-4 Day Ever!

Good lord it's been a busy week, but damn it's been good one. I hopped on a train to Syracuse for an exhibition game, went 2-for-4 with a couple of stolen bases, spiked some rube right in the shins (that dirty SOB bled like crazy!) and killed myself a mugger.

You heard me right, I can't believe it either. I went 2-for-4 and I'm happy with that? Well, I had to barrel over that fat bastard they had playing first base on one of my outs, I think I might have broken his shoulder, so that is almost as good as a hit. You know, that's what I do, I've got to stake my claim. People are going to get hurt. I'm out there playing with a knife cut in my back, I just have to level the playing field a bit.

How did I get cut? It's no big deal really. I was driving my Chalmers to the train station with Charlie (she always comes with me to see me off and then drives the car back after I leave) when I saw these three guys waving at me to stop, so I slowed down to see what they wanted. Next thing I know they are shoving a knife in my face and demanding all of our money.

You should know by now that no son-of-a-bitch messes with Our Hero, so I did what I had to do. I came out of the car swinging, I got two of the punks down on the ground when the third jumped on my back and stuck his knife right in me. Without even so much as a whimper, I hopped up, pulled my gun and started firing. Unfortunately, the damn thing stuck.

These three bastards, knowing how lucky they just got, jumped to their feet and started running. I ran down one of them and left him in a really sorry state. Then I cornered another in a dead end alley off of Trumbull. My piece of junk gun finally did some good. I beat him viciously, slashing his face completely off with the sight on my Luger. I left him there, not breathing, in his own rotten blood. Guess he learned his lesson.

I went back to the car, stuck a kerchief in my wound, drove to the station, kissed the wife goodbye and then hopped on the train to Syracuse where I had a couple of hits. You know, just another week in the life of Our Hero.


*lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

wow... i still have no idea, but I'm sure those are real valuable clues (getting stabbed? then chasing down the muggers? "slashing his face completely off with the sight on my Luger") if i ever wanna get off my butt and do some googling... but that's okay, I'll take the easy path and just keep reading the next installments instead :-)

MsSisyphus said...

The only ball players I know are Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio and Sandy Kofax. I'm betting it isnt' one of them.

groovebunny said...

Wow! Finally and entry with blood and gore! :) jk. I'm thinking Babe Ruth as well.

harmonyinline said...

I have no clue.

SJ said...

I know this guy. Kind of a bastard, but I guess he was a hell of a ball player. Just emailed you my guess.

Rabbit said...

I don't understand why I'm so bad at guessing these lost bloggers! I usually kick ass at trivial pursuit.

::sigh:: No clue.

JAX said...

I have no idea. Sounds like a historical moment I should have heard of.

I wanted to make sure I left you a comment though.

Hope you get lots more!