One Super Exciting, Rip Roaring, Hella Good Post

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Maybe not, but here are a few things going on in the Down With Pants! world...

1. I don't know where I came across it, but I stumbled onto the One Million Blogs project earlier this week and, in an impulsive mood, I purchased a group of blocks to promote Down With Pants! It is the first money that I have ever spent blogging. The guy who runs it, Dave is really cool, you should go sign yourself up just for the heck of it.

2. I also just signed up for Kapgar.com's Lost Blogs Campaign promoting Paul Davidson's new book, The Lost Blogs. I'm currently in the middle of reading Paul's Consumer Joe and am loving every minute of it so I figure why not give back a little. So next week I will be posting as a historical figure and you have to guess who it is, I'm always up for new ideas for blog posts so it should be a lot of fun. Now I just have to think of someone to write as.

3. We saw G. Love and Special Sauce last night here in Ventura. I haven't seen them in years and I forgot just how good they are. Unfortunately, I hate the crowd that he draws. Post-college frat boys and sorority girls made up a majority of the crowd. It's fine that they come, But I would rather see a more diverse crowd, his music deserves it.

4. After thinking about Harold and Kumar so much on Tuesday I decided to watch the movie again Wednesday night. It is even funnier than I remembered. One of the t-shirts that I am considering making says simply "Business Hippie"

5. Speaking of G. Love and Business Hippies, at the show last night we saw a guy with dreadlocks, long, bushy, unkempt beard, Birkenstocks, ratty t-shirt and torn jeans, smoking a bowl and dancing like an earth child. Then he took out his cell phone and took a picture. It was one of the most contradictory sights I have ever seen.

6. Seriously, am I the only one without a cell phone?

7. Finally, (although I know I am forgetting something I wanted to say) the voting is nearly finished for the first round of the 2006 Sitcom Tournament. I will post the winners on Saturday (the wife is on call, so I have nothing else to do but blog on a weekend) and make my second round picks. A couple of the first round results are stunning.


Kevin said...

Okay, I like #5. That's funny as hell.

But I can beat you on #6. My friend is a rocket scientist. I don't mean that as a joke. He literally works at NASA. And he does not, nor does he ever plan to, have a cellphone. His wife receives his calls on her cell.

Brandon said...

Unless I work for a company that requires me to have a cell phone and then gives me one, I never plan on owning a cell phone. All I hear are complaints about them. Don't get me wrong, I love to complain, but I don't need a cell phone to get me going.