Machete! Machete!

Posted by Brandon |

One of the best things about living down here in Southern California is Spanish language television. And not just Univision or Aztec America or whatever station your satellite or cable television provider has on their extended lineup. No, we have these incredibly bad Spanish stations that broadcast locally produced shows.

My favorite of the local variety shows has a segment entitled "Machete". Think of it as a modern Gong Show, en espanol, complete with awful Norteno music, a big fat gangster locked in a cage, huge fake titties and a midget. What more could you possibly ask for? Click on the image below to watch the madness...

I taped it on my digital camera. I can't figure out when its normal time slot is, and it surprised me when I found it on today. So the video looks terrible, the sound is nearly non-existent and more than likely, you wouldn't be able to understand a word of what they are saying anyway. But if you ask me, strippers and midgets are a universal language.


kapgar said...

That's disturbing... yet I can't seem to turn away.