Disgusting Creatures!

Posted by Brandon |

I saw this new transport vehicle this morning on the Ventura County Star and I got a little bit excited. But I was disappointed by the accompanying story.

Sadly, it is not manned by Jawas. Sorry.

BTW - Down With Pants! is not completely dead. Just in slow motion.


kapgar said...

So squealing "OOO-CHEEE-DEEEE!!!" at those on board has no effect, eh? Bummer.

Dave2 said...

OMG "oo-cheee-deeee??"... I figured Kapgar as a bigger Star Wars geek than that! It's "Utinni! Utiiiiinnnnniiiii!!"

Avitable said...

Damn. I needed a new R2 unit, too.

MC said...

Down with Pants is in carbonite I guess.