Little Miss Sunshine

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I have about ten different topics for posts running around in my head, a few of which are negative and depressing and probably best saved for another day. Thankfully, my mood isn't negative or depressed or anything, I stay on an amazingly even keel no matter what infuriorating crap is bringing me down.

It helps to have the happy memory of seeing the amazing film Little Miss Sunshine on Sunday afternoon. It's a film that has immediately shot up into my top ten favorite movies of all time because of how overjoyed and affirmed (what a cliche!) it made me feel. And it's arguably the funniest movie I have seen all year without even trying, Ricky Bobby included.

My favorite movie is Amelie, although I tell guys that my favorite movie is The Big Lebowski. I left the movie theater on Sunday after seeing Little Miss Sunshine with the same satisfied feeling that I had when I first saw Amelie. No other movie since Amelie has made me feel that same way except maybe Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Secretary.

I'm such a terrible movie reviewer because I can't describe the connections between these movies. All I can say is that they all end perfectly in the most satisfying way that made me happy for everybody involved without being forced or contrived. They all are, for lack of a better term, affirming despite or maybe because of, all the messed up stuff that leads to the end, which is actually not the end but the promise of better days to come. That's what I like in a film and Little Miss Sunshine is nearly perfect in this respect.

Anyway, if I haven't scared you off with all of this life affirming garbage, please go see Little Miss Sunshine as soon as you can. It's one of my favorites and I dare say that it will probably become one of yours.


DutchBitch said...

Secretary was only scraping at the surface of what us secretaries are REAAAALLLY like! Just saying...

Dave2 said...

I cannot wait to see this film, but it hasn't hit the local theaters in my back-woods town yet.

Amelie is in my top-5 films of all time, and I'm not at all embarrassed about it. The film is genius. Speaking of foreign film genius... have you seen "Cinema Paradiso?"

kapgar said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this one, too. But I have no idea if it's showing in any local suburban theaters. I hope it is, but I never know.

BTW, I'm right there with you on Amelie. Great film. Just a quirky feel-good sort of film.

Webmiztris said...

ooh, I love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Secretary! Now I want to run out and see this movie!

Jesse said...

An internal server error ate my original comment when I tried to preview it. Thanks Blogger. Anyway, Becky and I saw it at a little independent theater in downtown Palo Alto a couple weeks ago. She really liked it and I thought it was good even if the plot was a bit over-the-top. I think she may have been mostly pleased by all of the Devotchka that was played throughout.

Amelie's a good movie but it's just not strong enough to hit my top five. Maybe I'll give it another chance someday; Becky loves it dearly. Eternal Sunshine has a very good chance of being up there though.

"You've stopped talking because of Friedrich Nietzsche...Far out."

Brandon said...

Dutchy -

Dave - I'm not embarrassed about Amelie being my favorite movie. It's just that most guys haven't seen Amelie so I go with The Big Lebowski to keep it easy.

Kevin (and Dave) - I think Little Miss Sunshine is going to be playing everywhere within the next couple weeks.

Miz - I hope people aren't taking what I said to mean that they are similar in style or content, just in how they make you feel at the resolution.

Jesse - Little brother, I didn't expect you to have those movies be in your favorites, you are much too cynical. But I'm glad to see that Becky is softening you up. Ha ha!

Brandon said...

Dutchy - whoops, forgot to write anything for you...although I think that pretty much sums it up.

Replicant said...

i just sort of reviewed this at cinerobot--although i ended up talking about some annoying kid more than the movie. i found it a little disappointing until the ending. that was really good.

i love amelie too. makes me want to move to this fantasy area of paris and never come home.