Disgusted In Ventura

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Yesterday I got a rambling comment on The Sports Logo Pundit from Disgusted In Seattle that made little to no sense and still has me perplexed. I was told that I "sound like a typical Northwest racist" in reaction to me saying that "I hate the fans of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Rich, white, know nothing about baseball, lemmings every single one of them."

Does anybody have any idea what a typical Northwest racist is? I didn't know that there was a racist stereotype for us. I'm not saying that there aren't racists in the Northwest, but typically, they aren't typical. Maybe that's exactly the problem. After thinking about it for a while, I have a theory about what the typical Northwest racist is. Let me explain.

The Northwest is predominantly liberal and predominantly white. It is also the home of hardcore political correctness, the root of racism in the area. When these non-racist white folks in the Northwest encounter minorities (especially blacks) a wave of panic runs though them. They shut their mouths, they grasp their bags closer to themselves, they cross the street...pretty much the same things that racists do everywhere.

But in the Northwest it isn't because they are afraid that somebody is going to attack and rob them, it's because they are afraid to say something politically incorrect and offend them and thus, be branded a racist. Of course, this makes them look like massive racists anyway. So then they believe that all minorities think of them as racists so they overcompensate and go out of their way to prove that they aren't, making them look like even bigger racists.

I've lived in a few places back east and in Texas where there seemed to be open animosity between whites and minorities. Despite the open racism that permeated these towns, at least they learned long ago how to happily occupy the same space and not be uncomfortable around each other. In the Northwest that isn't the case despite the liberal, enlightened nature of the people.

That being said, I really think that the Northwest racist is somebody who thinks that they are better than anybody from California, Anaheim Angels fans in particular especially ones that live in Seattle and make stupid comments on my blog. If that makes me a racist, then I am guilty. I do hate idiots.

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Neil said...

As a resident of Los Angeles, I was horrified when the Angels decided to say that they were from "Los Angeles." I hate all of their fans, and I don't say that as a "racist." I have quite a number of friends who are "Angels" fans, although I would never let any of them into my house.

soniclibra said...

thats very odd. I moved here (seattle) from Texas about 5 years ago and I have seen just the opposite. Actually.. compared to Texas, there IS no racism in Seattle..

I dunno. People just love to pull out the racial card. I so hate that. .

Replicant said...

nice post. i agree with you about how the politically correctness is so attached to people in nw that it creates a weird kind of racism.

that kind of pc overload is just too stiffling i found in my years up there. i'm back in oklahoma and we've got our racists and open minded people and conservatives and leftists and white people and minorities and poor people and rich people but here, without huge doses of the pc mentality that i find suffocating, the people seem more "real", whatever that means.

my least favorite thing about seattle is that out of control pc mentality.

by the way, the los angeles angels of anaheim is a stupid, stupid name for a sports team.