DWP! Fantasy Football - Week One

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I should have done this earlier in the week, but I didn't. What are you going to do? But, I think it's time that you were updated on the goings on in our little blogger fantasy football league.

Week One saw a healthy mix of newcomers winning and long-time fantasy footballers taking a tumble. Congratulations to johnnyhongkong for leading the way with 90 whopping points thanks to Kurt freakin Warner and his kicker. That sure as heck won't be something you hear every week.

Anyway, here are the week one results. Leading scorers for each team follow the score...

The OC Snackiepoos (1-0) - 59 - Adam Vinatieri - 15 points
Witty Team Name (0-1) - 47 - Bengals Defense - 17 points

TheDutchFiles (1-0) - 53 - Steelers Defense - 14 points
navelgazing ramblers (0-1) - 51 - Josh Brown - 12 points

johnnyhongkong (1-0) - 90 - Kurt Warner - 22 points
2much411foozball (0-1) - 37 - Eli Manning - 12 points

Culture Kills Lions (1-0) - 62 - Ravens Defense - 25 points
CineRobots - (0-1) - 54 - Donte Stallworth - 13 points

Cuckoo For Kapgar (1-0) - 39 - Chicago Defense - 19 points
Red Zins (0-1) - 33 - Neil Rackers - 10 points

Down With Pants! (1-0) - 67 - Donovan McNabb - 22 points
Blogography Hellmonkeys (0-1) - 55 - Heath Miller - 11 points

This weeks games should be great. It's Man against Man and Woman against Woman in all of the games this week...

2much411foozball vs. navelgazing ramblers
TheDutchFiles vs. The OC Snackiepoos
Witty Team Name vs. Blogography Hellmonkeys
Cuckoo For Kapgar vs. Down With Pants!
Red Zins vs. Culture Kills Lions
CineRobots vs. johnnyhongkong

All I know for sure is that Cuckoo For Kapgar is going down, hard. His team will never be the same.


DutchBitch said...

See it works! ;-)

But now I am gonna have my butt kicked by Snackiepoo!!! Be gentle, Hill! :-)

Dave2 said...

Unfortunately, I am unable to make my pics. I can only arrange players on the first page, and can't scroll down to do anything further. I have no idea why, but it fails for me on both Safari and Firefox. I expect to get my ass kicked... but I'd at least like it to be for something I did!! :-)

niteowl said...

In all honesty Dave, your starting lineup looks pretty good right now. There's no one I'd swap out.

And I'm not saying that because I'm playing you this week.

snackiepoo said...

I'll have to check out my lineup now that I am against Dutchy...snark vs. snakr - hey, that should be a cartoon.

I have to say for someone who had no idea what the fuck she was doing, at least I did not come in LAST, phew.

Dustin said...

I hear Kevin is feeding his team "herbal enhancers." *cough*roids*cough*

kapgar said...


To both you and Dustin.

Anonymous said...

I love how I got to go up against the big winner with my measly 39 points.

But a big shout out to my man Eli for those 12 points!!!

Woo hoo.

Anonymous said...

OH PS... congrats for a lucky week hongkong ;)

jhk said...

90 points last week, hardly 40 this week...

I don't expect 20+ points from my kicker every week but I do expect at least a TD or two from my "impact" players.

I do feel sorry for whoever started Jake Plummer.


MC said...

This week I had a decisive win, a decisive loss and a third team edging an opponent by about 10...

This is going to be a long season for one of my teams.