DWP! Fantasy Football - Week Two

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The cream rose to the top in week two of the DWP! Fantasy Football League. Three teams remain unbeaten, my glorious team, Culture Kills Lions and surprisingly enough, TheDutchFiles. But six teams sit only one game back while the three teams without a win feature experienced fantasy players (or help from experienced fantasy players) and are bound to get back into the fray.

CineRobots led the way in week two with five players scoring in double digits en route to an 87-49 shellacking of last week's high scoring team, johnnyhongkong. With Michael Vick and LaDainian Tomlinson leading the way, CineRobots looks like the team that will come out of that 1-1 group and contend for the title.

Here are the week two results. Leading scorers for each team follow the score...

TheDutchFiles (2-0) - 75 - Rudi Johnson - 19 points
The OC Snackiepoos (1-1) - 69 - Jaguars Defense - 16 points

Blogography Hellmonkeys (1-1) - 65 - Peyton Manning - 26 points
Witty Team Name (0-2) - 61 - Carson Palmer - 15 points

Culture Kills Lions (2-0) - 62 - Ravens Defense - 27 points
Red Zins (0-2) - 34 - Philip Rivers - 10 points

CineRobots - (1-1) - 87 - Vick, Tomlinson, Kaeding - 17 points
johnnyhongkong (1-1) - 49 - Johnson, Wilkins, Philly - 9 points

2much411foozball (1-1) - 73 - Eli Manning - 23 points
navelgazing ramblers (0-2) - 50 - Drew Brees - 13 points

Down With Pants! (2-0) - 71 - Donovan McNabb - 20 points
Cuckoo For Kapgar (1-1) - 49 - Bears Defense - 16 points

Week three features the league's top teams facing off. My Down With Pants! team faces off against the Culture Kills Lions in a battle for first place while TheDutchFiles attempts to keep pace with the winner against a winless but hungry Witty Team Name.

2much411foozball vs. The OC Snackiepoos
TheDutchFiles vs. Witty Team Name
Cuckoo For Kapgar vs. Blogography Hellmonkeys
Culture Kills Lions vs. Down With Pants!
Red Zins vs. johnnyhongkong
CineRobots vs. navelgazing ramblers

Everybody notice that there are teams on their bye week. San Diego, Kansas City, Dallas and Oakland are off this week. Please adjust your lineups accordingly.


snackiepoo said...

She barely beat me ;).

But I still have more points than Kapgar, pbthhhhht!

kapgar said...

I see how it's gonna be. You're off the hook, Brandon. Hilly gets my "bite me" of the day.

2much411 said...

Thankyou Eli, once again!!!! I am so lucky I ended up with him in the autodraft!

And so happy to see HongKong go down after the miserably humiliating defeat last week. But then again, I'm almost sure that was only a yahoo glitch!

Thanks for your play by play blog posts Bran-man! I enjoy them immensely :)

jhk said...

jax, the mea culpa on my blog wasn't good enough? ;)

damn you CineRobots! I'm totally buying robot insurance.


Anonymous said...

Who would have thought that Baltimore's D would be the #1 player in the first two weeks. I certainly didn't.

Anonymous said...

Scuse Me?!?!?! suprisingly enough... ok ok, you're right because I don't get any of the Fantasy Football shit... Now I was forced to change 4 players because of the bye week (WTF is a "bye" week?!?!?!)...

I think I managed to do it. No idea WHAT exactly I did... but I am sure I'll win again... gotta keep the faith..

Wouldn't it be great if I came out on top!? In the Fantasy Football League I mean...

niteowl said...

You're damn right I'm hungry, Brandon. Starting out 0-2 is totally unacceptable.