Team Cake or Death?

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We now resume our regularly scheduled tomfoolery...

Ever wonder why I call my wife Death? I think I've explained it before, but with so many new readers and the fact that I was called out about it on Recommended this weekend, maybe I should revisit it one more time. Too bad it's not that good of a story.

We started Geocaching a few years ago after learning about the GPS treasure hunting game through Will Wheaton's blog. My wife read about it one night and thought it would be fun but eventually let it slip her mind since we didn't have a GPS and couldn't afford to buy one just for fun. But I didn't forget and for Christmas I bought her a Garmin ETrex, a gift that doesn't sound romantic or exciting, but has turned out to be one of the most useful gifts that I ever gave.

When it came time to pick a Geocaching screen name, we couldn't think of anything good. This was our first joint account, this was a big decision, so we had to come up with a clever and defining name. We kicked around a lot of ideas but nothing stuck. Then we watched Eddie Izzard's Dress To Kill for the millionth time and the name Team Cake or Death? stuck in our head. If you've seen Dress To Kill, you know the reference. If not, click here.

One day I asked, just goofing around, which one of us is Cake and which one of us is Death? I wanted to be Death? but in reality I knew what the answer was going to be. I'm Cake and the wife is Death? Why she chose Death?, I'm not totally sure, probably just because it sounds tough. But Cake is a an apt description for me, I'm kind of a Cake kind of person. You know, soft and squishy and oh so tasty.

Ewww, that's gross.


kapgar said...

Yeah, I was right there with you until "tasty." Luckily, that was the end of your post.

-t- said...

lol I like the story.
Have you been writing about your Geocaching adventures on this blog. Would love to read about it.
By the way, did I mention you are invited to write a guest post? I've been soooo busy last week, I must have forgotten. Is it too late now? Hope not!!!

Dustin said...

I heart geocaching. I heart Eddie Izzard. I heart Down With Pants now being in my blog roll!

Dawn (webmiztris) said...

I love when Eddie does the Englebert Humperdinck joke...that kills me!

Anonymous said...

Death? is a tough-ass sounding nickname, plus I'm in the medical field so it's a reflection/mocking of the dark nature of that. My nickname in high school was sunshine so go figure. You might be relieved to know he doesn't call me that to my face, only in cyberspace.