DWP! Fantasy Football - Week Three

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On Friday night I went to a high school football game between two national powerhouses, St. Bonaventure of Ventura and Oaks Christian of Westlake Village. Both teams have Division I caliber players all over their lineups including Notre Dame bound QB Jimmy Clausen. The game had been sold out for over a month and tickets were being sold online for $100 to as much as $250. According to Sports Illustrated, it was the most anticipated high school game of the season. But it didn't live up to the hype as Oaks Christian dominated every aspect en route to a 59-13 drubbing on the St. Bonnie Seraphs home turf.

Why do I bring this up? Well, week three of the DWP! Fantasy Football league featured a very similar game between two undefeated powerhouses, my Down With Pants! squad and Culture Kills Lions. The results were much the same as my team dominated scoring a league high 94 points proving, much like Oaks Christian did, that we are the team to beat. Combine that whooping with a TheDutchFiles loss and guess who sits alone in first place.

There were some other games this week, although my ego made it hard for me to notice. So here are the week three results. As always, leading scorers for each team follow the score...

Witty Team Name (1-2) - 75 - Carson Palmer - 21 points
TheDutchFiles (2-1) - 49 - Ryan Longwell/Steelers Defense - 11 points

Cuckoo For Kapgar (2-1) - 81 - Clinton Portis - 19 points
Blogography Hellmonkeys (1-2) - 35 - Peyton Manning - 16 points

Red Zins (1-2) - 65 - Brett Favre - 24 points
johnnyhongkong (1-2) - 42 - Eagles Defense - 13 points

navelgazing ramblers (1-2) - 55 - David Carr - 12 points
CineRobots - (1-2) - 36 - Larry Fitzgerald - 9 points

2much411foozball (2-1) - 91 - Javon Walker/Willie Parker - 18 points
The OC Snackiepoos (1-2) - 47 - Tom Brady - 12 points

Down With Pants! (3-0) - 94 - Brian Westbrook - 25 points
Culture Kills Lions (2-1) - 67 - Matt Hasselbeck - 28 points

In week four, the Down With Pants! crew faces off against a down but hungry johnnyhongkong while TheDutchFiles and 2much411foozball match up in a battle of 2-1 upstarts. It should be another fun and exciting week...

2much411foozball vs. TheDutchFiles
The OC Snackiepoos
vs. CineRobots
Cuckoo For Kapgar vs. Witty Team Name
Culture Kills Lions vs. Blogography Hellmonkeys
Down With Pants! vs. johnnyhongkong
Red Zins vs. navelgazing ramblers

Please notice that Denver, NY Giants, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay are on their bye weeks.


Anonymous said...

Yep... that was a paddlin'.

At least I can rest easy with the knowledge that even with my team's ideal configuration this weekend, you still would have beaten me.... and with the fact that I play you again the final week of the season.

REVENGE shall be mine!

Brandon said...

MC - I plan to be playing my taxi squad at that point. Hell, I'll even give the St. Bonnie team a break and let them start a game.

Anonymous said...

Goddammit! What happened...

kapgar said...

I'm bringing sexy back, bitches!

Anonymous said...

You're "setting" sexy back is what you mean!!!

niteowl said...

Sorry Dutch, but you just happened to run into the steamroller that is Witty Team Name last week.

Kapgar, you're next!


Replicant said...

39 points from my team? pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe I'm in 2nd place! This is so much fun. I only had one QB and he is having a bye week so I had to add a leftover... we'll see how well I do without my boy Eli. Good luck everyone!